Hot On Digital – Trivmvirate TWV016

Artist: Acidulant
Title: No One Grieves
Label: Trivmvirate
Catalogue: TWV016
Release Date: 20 June 2018

1. Drax
2. No One Grieves
3. Trick Insomnia
4. Test System 436

Acidulant back at it and show us where Techno is heading from his point of view. Modern dancefloor cuts meet funk and acid, making it clear Acidulant has been in the game enough to bring original flavour and innovation into his music.



Played and supported by: Luke Slater, Chris Liebing, Marcel Dettmann, Drumcell, AWB, Somewhen, Amotik, Subjected, Volte-Face, Benjamin Damage, Wrong Assessment, Nihad Tule, Takaaki Itoh, Gotshell, Christian Gerlach, Arnaud Le Texier, Thomas Hessler and more.

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Acidulant on the next Trivmvirate Waves 016

Acidulant back at it and show us where Techno is heading from his point of view. Modern dancefloor cuts meet funk and acid, making it clear Acidulant has been in the game enough to bring original flavour and innovation into his music.

Release Date 20 June 2018 / Digital


Trivmvirate Acidulant


Out Now On Digital – Trivmvirate Waves 015

Artist: Imago
Title: Auree EP
Label: Trivmvirate Waves
Format: Digital
Catalogue: TWV015
Release Date: 01 April 2017

1: Auree
2: Idios
3: Mente
4: Opus

Imago strikes back as a solo project with a very personal output carrying dramatic textures and structured compositions of heavy weight.
Analogue synths, a big-ass modular and masterful production skills all weight in to the craftsmanship of this release.

Played and supported by: Dj Pete, Brian Sanhaji, Electric Indigo, Alex.Do, I/Y, Boston 168, Amotik, Takaaki Itoh, Kwartz, Nihad Tule, Angel Molina, Tensal, Juho Kusti, Alex Dolby, Raphael Dincsoy and more.


Out Now On Digital – Trivmvirate 011

Artist: Acidulant
Title: Voice Of Shadow EP
Label: Trivmvirate
Catalogue: TWV011
Release Date: 28 May 2014

Acidulant – Drain
Acidulant – Evil Three Some
Acidulant – Dark Sun
Acidulant – Voice Of Shadow


Acidulant returns on Trivmvirate with another hard hitter composed under heavy pressure and dark thoughts. Analogue and digital means serves the purpose and flying monsters flow out of his hangar with malevolent intents.

Played and Supported by Surgeon, Dimi Angelis, Electric Indigo, NX1, Arnaud Le Texier, Paul Mac, SNTS , Coefficient, Attemporal, Anderson Noise, Juho Kusti, Patrick DSP, Chris Stanford, Colin Bain, 88uw, Helena Gallardo, nAX_acid, Ryuji Takeuchi, As Patria and more.


Out Now On Digital/CD – Trivmvirate L01

Artist: N.d
Title: Space Age Rituals
Label: Trivmvirate
Catalogue: TWL01
Format: DIGITAL / CD
Release Date: 20 January 2014

Track Zero
Bound (Ideal)
The Temptation Of Christ
Alternate Shadow
Gutted (Extended)
Warping Time And Space


First album of our main artist N.d from Malta, Space Age Rituals represents one year of experimental works.

Played and Supported by Chris Liebing, Electric Indigo, Cio D’Or, Milton Bradley, NX1, Arnaud Le Texier, Lakker, Steve Kuehl, SNTS, Deepbass, Miki Craven, Chris Stanford, Mattias Fridell and more


Out Now On Digital – Trivmvirate 010

Artist: Dj SaY
Title: Envelope Generator EP
Label: Trivmvirate
Cat.N: TWV010
Release Date: 05 November 2013

Say DJ – Attacco (Original Mix)
Say DJ – Decadimento (Original Mix)
Say DJ – Sostegno (Original Mix)
Say DJ – Rilascio (Original Mix)


“Dj SaY is no new to sound research, and after years of craft-full work, the results are now close to come: in his hangar many precious parts are stocked and put back in use along with the latest technological means. Our Anti-Marshall of Boom balances the various elements in his picturesque and story telling style.”

Played and Supported by Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Chris Liebing, Norman Nodge, Samuli Kemppi, Truncate, Drumcell, Inigo Kennedy, Electric Indigo, Brendon Moeller, Developer, DJ Deep, Exium, Chris Stanford, NX1, Juho Kahilainen, Eric Cloutier, Joseph McGeechan, Dave Ellesmere, Freddy K, Arnaud Le Texier, I/Y, Ryuji Takeuchi, 88uw, Deepbass, Raiz, Mike Wall and more.


Out Now On Digital – Trivmvirate 008

Artist: Silence of Space & N.d
Title: Reflection of Two EP
Label: Trivmvirate
Release: 27th August 2013

Silence Of Space – Magnetosphere of Saturn (Original Mix)
N.d – Bleep Of One (Original Mix)
Silence Of Space – Structural Decay (Original Mix)
N.d – Reversion Of One (Original Mix)


Played and Supported by Josh Wink, Inigo Kennedy, Electric Indigo, Cio D’Or, Samuli Kemppi, Developer, Tom Dicicco, Anthony Parasole, Valentino Kanzyani, Exium, Dj Deep, Moerbeck, Angel Molina, Eric Cloutier, Thomas Hessler, VSK, The Plant Worker and more.


Out Now On Digital – Trivmvirate Digital 007

Artist: Reig
Title: Perception Of Age EP
Label: Trivmvirate Digital
Cat.N: TWV007
Release: 20 May 2013


Reig – Above Ground Exploration (Original Mix)
Reig – Above Ground Exploration (Mudwise re-edit)
Reig – Perception (Original Mix)
Reig – Age Distortion (Original Mix)


Reig introduces his last musical output called Perception of Age: a reflection on the way this music is being created and about how its aesthetic is achieved and perceived. Without a strong meaning, effortless as it might appear, this music seems only an exercise, but sometime the message is all in the practice. Mudwise, from the respected Enklav collective, joins the mission with its distinctive modular touch,revisiting A.G.E. from its hard wired prospective. Along with the music, a selection of relics from 1925 called ‘Efforts of Esthetic’ is released to the public on the website.

Played and Supported by Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, Samuli Kemppi, Developer, Brendon Moeller, Rebekah, Tadeo, Gareth Wild, Inigo Kennedy, Sean Sanders, Patrick Bateman, Electric Indigo, Chris Finke, Chris Colburn, Matthew Dear, Exium, Attemporal and more.


Out Now On Digital – Trivmvirate Records Digital 006

Artist: Acidulant
Title: Mountain Of Doom EP
Label: Trivmvirate Records Digital
Cat.N: TWV006
Release: 25 March 2013

Acidulant – Kombination (Original Mix)
Acidulant – Mountain Of Doom (Original Mix)
Acidulant – Mountain Of Doom (Tracy Remix)
Acidulant – Path Of Modus (Original Mix)


Using new weapons is always a challenge, and Acidulant dares nothing less. With his arsenal he joins the Trivmvirate with 3 heavy hitters, crafted to withstand the harshest conditions. From Sonntag Morgen, Tracy take over Mountain of Doom, turning it into a deep and heavy space monster.

Played and Supported by Chris Liebing, Pfirter, Sasha Carassi, Dj Emerson, Angel Costa, Ness, Joseph McGeechan, Juho Kusti, Patrick Bateman, Chris Stanford, Ryuji Takeuchi, Exium, Developer and more.


Out Now On Digital – Trivmvirate 005

Artist: PVS
Title: Title: Unknown Status EP
Label: Trivmvirate Digital
Cat.N: TWV005
Release: 26 November 2012

PVS – JP-026 (Original Mix)
PVS – Universe #2 (Original Mix)
PVS – Too Late (Original Mix)
PVS – Unknown Status (Original Mix)


Travelling on his JP-026, PVS tried his best to reach Trivmvirate HQ prior the Second Wave. The load of information he carried along, coming from Universe #2, could have turned out to be vital for the success of the experiment.
Approaching the landing base, the cloud of smoke underneath his spacecraft made clear that it was Too Late.
Experiments will proceed from here in Unknown Status.

Played and Supported by Chris Liebing, DVS1, Samuli Kemppi, Dadub, Inigo kennedy, Dj Emerson, Ness, Dj Hyperactive, Developer,  NX1, Max_M, Henning Baer, Dave Ellesmere, Eric Cloutier, Paul Boex, Freddy K, Joton, Regal, Chris Colburn, Claudio PRC, Electric Indigo, Peder, Thomas hessler and more.