EMME (Tribute to Max_M) Release Date announced !!

From 712 Distribution Facebook Page:
“After long time we announce the release date of EMME (Tribute to MAX_M)
At the beginning it was announced on the date he passed away just to remember him, but the release was not ready.
Then some issues with the first test pressings and other time was spent to wait the second one,
and also the packaging had to be changed.
After, we wanted to wait more time because we see how fast the people can forget artists, nowadays everything is so fast and superficial, we definitely do not want this .. especially in this case.
Max has to be remembered again and again .. so we postponed the release date because we wanted that, it’s not an M_Rec Ltd catalog number, it is a tribute to remember Max.
So now the scene will speak again about Max,
and this is really what we want.
Every old order is safe !!!

Release Date is the 25th of April 2017
It’s still possible to order the release here:…/various-artists-emme-m_rec-ltd-e…
The package contains:
- 1 double vinyl EMME
- 1 special envelope with incl. a real picture of MAX_M (a personal present) + M_Rec Ltd stickers + Flyer where the artists involved explain with one sentence how they remember Max.
- 1 vinyl from the old catalog M_Rec Ltd.

Thanks to all the people Involved : artists (Fabrizio Lapiana, Wrong Assessment, Regis, Overall Severity, Stanislav Tolkachev, Dimi Angelis, Jeroen Search, PVS, Samuli Kemppi), artwork (Design Provocation, Berlin), mastering (Decode Studio, Berlin),picture (Sergio Andretti), video (Diego Vicinanza) , packaging (Marcos Leiras)
Thank you for the patience and for the love showed to Max
and definitely we hope you accept our apologies.

IY Moments 002

Out Now On Vinyl – I/Y Moments 002

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Moments 02
Format: 12” VINYL
Label: I/Y
Catalogue: IYMOM002
Release Date: 27 June 2016
Distribution: 712 Distribution (Berlin)

A1: I/Y – Bellwether
A2: Christopher Joseph – The Key
B1: Stanislav Tolkachev – Don’t Be Surprised
B2: Irakli – Walk Over

That night, we answered a regular call, something about crazy loud noises coming out from a basement. While driving to the area all I could think when I first heard the bass stomping was: “man, whatever, this doesn’t even sound like music to me.” And we were at least a 100 meter away from the source of the sound. When we got there, after knocking several times on the door, we decided we had more than enough probable causes to bust in. After a warning, we kicked the door open. What we saw inside was a five feet tall woman jumping around in that cacophony. We screamed and she ignored us, my colleague then panicked and shot her with his Taser several times – she then simply pulled the probes out of her body shouting MOMENTS MOMENTS – and continued to jump around.

Played and supported by: Laurent Garnier, Ben Sims, Len Faki, Inigo Kennedy, Answer Code Request, Jonas Kopp, Dj Pete, Shifted, Anthony Parasole, Perc, AnD, Audio Injection/Truncate, Tommy Four Seven, DJ Hyperactive, Freddy K, Henning Baer, Oliver Deutschmann, Dax J, Somewhen, Rebekah, Cassegrain, Pär Grindvik, Svreca, Dustin Zahn, Dimi Angelis, Jeroen Search, Fabrizio Lapiana, Pfirter, Subjected, Truss, Electric Indigo, Cio D’Or, Héctor Oaks, J.C., Juho Kusti, Donor, Unbalance, Vincent Neumann, PVS, Kyle Geiger, Kwartz, Takaaki Itoh, Aiken, Jeff Derringer and more.


Out Now On Vinyl – M_Rec Ltd Grey Series 11

Artist: Stanislav Tolkachev
Title: All Night Vigil
Label: M_Rec Ltd Grey Series
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Release Date: 24 April 2015
Distribution: 712 Distribution – Berlin

A1 – Vitamin K
A2 – That’s Where The Dog is Buried
B1- All Night Vigil
B2 – The Chance For Both Of Us

There’s a lot of techno out there but none of it sounds like Stanislav Tolkachev. In the past few years the prolific Ukrainian producer has molded his love for old school techno with enormous doses of experimentation and tension. The results have been incredible. His EP for M_Rec Grey Series (“Depth Of Light”, released in 2013) grabbed everyone’s attention thanks to off-key interpretations of fast and forward driving techno, reminiscent of the rave years. These are soundtracks to psychoses, filled at the same time with excitement and nervousness. Impossible to ignore.

This second EP for M_Rec Ltd Grey Series 11 (titled “All Night Vigil”) opens with “Vitamin K”, a Vangelis-on-LSD intro where melodies get crooked and queasy while still delivering large amounts of feeling. “That’s Where the Dog is Buried” is an almost-ten-minutes trip where jazzy analog sounds become increasingly unstable, incited by a pounding bass line. You can play this track in its entirety and, for once, people will literally freak out.

On the flip side, “All Night Vigil” is much less playful. Tolkachev’s signature build up of synthetic sounds is endlessly manipulated over a bed of very aggressive drums. These acid experimentations remind us of the Universal Indicator series on Rephlex, but in 2015 things got a lot more disturbed and wild. Closing the EP is probably the most dancefloor friendly of all the track. Titled “The Chance for Both of Us”, the cut revolves around an equally untamed acid refrain, although soundscapes and reverb grant it a beautiful sense of melody. Drum programming is kept raw and stripped down making the track perfect for the most unconventional and adventurous sets.
“Night Vigil” is a thrilling release of very experimental techno.

Played and supported by Regis, Ben Sims, Marcel Dettmann, Dvs1, Max_M, Oscar Mulero, Zadig, Inigo Kennedy, Terence Fixmer, Kr!z, Pangaea, Samuli Kemppi, Lucy, Shifted, Dj Deep, Svreca, Dj Pete, Pär Grindvik, Cio DOr, Answer Code Request, Norman Nodge, Tommy Four Seven, Etapp Kyle, Exium, Jonas Kopp, Phase, Speedy J, Abstract Division, Tadeo, Cassegrain, Rivet, Donor, Takaaki Itoh, Alan Fitzpatrick, NX1, Rebekah, PVS, Raiz, Wrong Assessment, Hector Oaks, Pfirter, Anthony Parasole, Psyk, Tripeo, Bas Mooy, Arnaud Le Texier, Dimi angelis, Dustin Zahn, Dax J, Ben Gibson, Thomas Hessler, Alex.Do, Juho Kahilainen, Henning Baer, Juho Kusti, Truncate, Jeff Derringer, I/Y, Kwartz, MTD, Mørbeck, CTRLS, Nihad Tule and more…


Out Now On Vinyl – Supernova Recordings 01

Artist: Reich War Ministry
Remixer: Stanislav Tolkachev
Title: Maestro / Dogma
Label: Supernova Recordings
Catalogue: SUPERNOVA01
Format: 12” VINYL
Release Date: 05/05/2014
Distribution: Triple Vision (NL)

A1 – Reich War Ministry – Maestro (Original Mix)
A2 – Reich War Ministry – Maestro (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix)
B1 – Reich War Ministry – Dogma (Original Mix)
B2 – Reich War Ministry – Dogma (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix)

Supernova is a platform designed to edit material timeless, original and devoid of any influence.
Supernova are totally against the music everywhere, made here by that, every idea is unique and unrepeatable.
For us, the idea this above the sound. Don’t pay attention to fashion or trends.
Art to be art, not be conditioned, it must be pure and honest. Have the opportunity to create our fancy, be free and original… that is art, that is Supernova.

Played and Supported by Chris Liebing, Drumcell, Perc, Inigo Kennedy, Norman Nodge, Dj Deep, Tadeo, Tommy Four Seven, Jonas Kopp, Pär Grindvik, Kr!z, Brendon Moeller, Developer, Jeroen Search, Max_M, Dimi Angelis, Rebekah, CTRLS, Takaaki Itoh, Exium, NX1, Darko Esser, Kwartz, SNTS, Dax J, Arnaud Le Texier, Electric Indigo, Aiken, Nihad Tule, I/Y, Mary Velo, Héctor Oaks, Lakker, Claudio Prc and more.


Out Now On Vinyl – Raw Waxes 02

Artist: Unperson
Remixers: Perc / Samuli Kemppi / Stanislav Tolkachev / Tomohiko Sagae.
Title: Stream Of Consciousness EP
Label: Raw Waxes
Catalogue: RWXS02
Format: 2 x 12” VINYL
Release Date: 14 April 2014
Distribution: Triple Vision (NL)

A1 – Unpeson – UPNNPU (Original Mix)
A2 – Unpeson – Unperson#1 (Original Mix)
B1 – Unpeson – UUUPPP (Original Mix)
B2 – Unpeson – Unperson#2 (Original Mix)
C1 – Unperson – UPNNPU (Samuli Kemppi Remix)
C2 – Unperson – Unperson#1 (Tomohiko Sagae Remix)
D1 – Unperson – UUUPPP (Perc Remix)
D2 – Unperson – Unperson2 (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix)

After a long time the second release is ready . We were all waiting for it !
A double vinyl with 4 original tracks signed by Unperson and 4 remixes by artists who don’t need an introduction.
A double EP of excellent quality,
industrial and dirty sounds that deserve to be lived.

Played and Supported by Chris Liebing, Inigo Kennedy, Norman Nodge, Svreca, Jonas Kopp, Truncate, Dj Hyperactive, Rebekah, Alan Fitzpatrick, NX1, Dj Emerson, Pfirter, Markus Suckut, Brendon Moeller, Jeroen Search, Kr!z, Raiz, Kirk Degiorgio, Electric Indigo, I/Y, Joachim Spieth, Exium, Gareth Wild, Thomas Hessler, Etapp Kyle, Bas Mooy, Dimi Angelis, Mary Velo, Lakker and more….


Out Now On Vinyl – SHADES 001

Artist: Korova / Kike Pravda Remix / Stanislav Tolkachev Remix
Title: Nuances
Cat.N: SHADES001
Format: 12” VINYL
Release: 12 June 2013

A1 – Korova – Nuances (Original Mix)
B1 – Korova – Nuances (Kike Pravda Remix)
B2 – Korova – Nuances (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix)

Shades rises from the minds of Korova : Alessandro Fusaroli’s and Luca Filardo’s ones . The aim is at drawing new nuances in the immaginary spectrum of techno , to get the hearing closer to the sound of those hidden mechanical shadows . Shades lives on dark visions and primitive rhythms , but nevertheless trusts in a future controlled by a lightning plot between humans and technologies.

Played and Supported by Norman Nodge, Truncate, Samuli Kemppi, Svreca, Tadeo, Pfirter, CTRLS, Jonas Kopp, Dasha Rush, Inigo Kennedy, Cio D’Or, AnD, Henning Baer, Electric Indigo, Exium, Milton Bradley, Developer, Max_M, Kr!z, Ben Gibson, Krenzlin, Eric Cloutier, D.Carbone, Javier Orduna, Scalameriya, Synthek, Attemporal, Victor Martinez, Joton, PVS and more.


Out Now On Vinyl – M_Rec Ltd Grey Series 04

Artist: Stanislav Tolkachev
Title: Depth of Light
Label:M_Rec Ltd Grey Series
Format: 12″
Release: 06 May 2013

A side:
Depth Of Light (Original)
Like a cat’s shadows (Original)
Break something that breaks you (Original)

B side:
No home no flag (Original)
Don’t shit on your own doorstep (Original)

“Go. I don’t need you anyway. You were only holding me back. You, with your rigid ways and impenetrable exterior; I’m not like you. I need movement, fluidity. Freedom. Expression. Feelings. I need to be alive. This emotionless, glass-eyed view of the world that’s your vision. And you held me to it, like some sort of prisoner. Yes, that’s what you are. You’re shackles. Iron bars disguised as safety. You thought I would stay with you forever, in the limbo of that grounded shrinking quadrant, drip-fed. Your pet. Your lab rat. For a while there I totally lost myself, sinking further and further under your sedation. Life became colourless. And then there was nothing. But in the curlicues of deep encompassing darkness, that’s when I realised: I wasn’t the weak one. It was you all along. You needed me. I was the prop that stopped you from falling down. Well, no more. This ends now. It’s time we became unbound. I release you. Go. Be free.”

Grey Series 04 comes from the farthest corner of Eastern Europe courtesy of Ukrainian techno pioneer, photographer and designer Stanislav Tolkachev. Like the sullen eerie beauty of his black and white photography, Tolkachev’s music explores the darker, surreal fringes of electronic music in its purest, rawest state. Retroactive seams run through his audio and visual output to date from the grainy analogue qualities of his Detroit facing sound, through to the classic stills that emboss his discography. They are almost one and the same, both challenging and re-contextualising the past with modern sentiment, agendas and hidden meanings pursing with intrigue and ambiguity. ‘Depth of light’ sees Tolkachev plot more intoxicating, caustic dream sequences, translating fitful night terrors into a diverse and multifunctional EP. Beginning with the woozy title track we confront fears (“Like a cat’s shadow”) and anxieties (“Break something that breaks you”) on the feverish A-side, before flipping over for reserved reprieve (“No home no flag”) and acid-washed revenge (“Don’t shit on your own doorstep”). And then we awake. Tired, sweaty, but satisfied.

Played and supported by: Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Norman Nodge, Shifted, Lucy, Dasha Rush, Oscar Mulero, Markus Suckut, Jonas Kopp, Terence Fixmer, Chris Liebing, Svreca, Truncate, Developer, Myles Sergé, Tommy Four Seven, ROD, Cio DOr, Psyk, Rodhad, Samuli Kemppi, Cassegrain, Exium, Kr!z, Max_M, Henning Baer, Bas Mooy, Milton Bradley, Arnaud Le Texier, Inigo Kennedy, Pacou, Ness, AnD, Invite, Claudio PRC, Pär Grindvik, Dimi Angelis, D.Carbone, Thomas Hessler, Juho Kusti, Ryuji Takeuchi, Charlton, Percyl, Paul Boex, Coefficient, Dave Ellesmere, Jeff Derringer, Jeroen Search, Fanon Flowers, Aiken, NX1, Victor Martinez, Obtane, Kwartz, Go Hiyama, Gareth Wild, Neel… and more