EMME (Tribute to Max_M) Release Date announced !!

From 712 Distribution Facebook Page:
“After long time we announce the release date of EMME (Tribute to MAX_M)
At the beginning it was announced on the date he passed away just to remember him, but the release was not ready.
Then some issues with the first test pressings and other time was spent to wait the second one,
and also the packaging had to be changed.
After, we wanted to wait more time because we see how fast the people can forget artists, nowadays everything is so fast and superficial, we definitely do not want this .. especially in this case.
Max has to be remembered again and again .. so we postponed the release date because we wanted that, it’s not an M_Rec Ltd catalog number, it is a tribute to remember Max.
So now the scene will speak again about Max,
and this is really what we want.
Every old order is safe !!!

Release Date is the 25th of April 2017
It’s still possible to order the release here:…/various-artists-emme-m_rec-ltd-e…
The package contains:
- 1 double vinyl EMME
- 1 special envelope with incl. a real picture of MAX_M (a personal present) + M_Rec Ltd stickers + Flyer where the artists involved explain with one sentence how they remember Max.
- 1 vinyl from the old catalog M_Rec Ltd.

Thanks to all the people Involved : artists (Fabrizio Lapiana, Wrong Assessment, Regis, Overall Severity, Stanislav Tolkachev, Dimi Angelis, Jeroen Search, PVS, Samuli Kemppi), artwork (Design Provocation, Berlin), mastering (Decode Studio, Berlin),picture (Sergio Andretti), video (Diego Vicinanza) , packaging (Marcos Leiras)
Thank you for the patience and for the love showed to Max
and definitely we hope you accept our apologies.

Attic 008_HELENE

Out Now On Vinyl – Attic 008

Artist: Overall Severity
Title: Helene
Label: Attic
Catalogue: ATTIC008
Format: 12” VINYL
Release Date: 12 May 2015
Distribution: 712 Distribution – Berlin

A: Vario 7288
B1: Unable to Assess
B2: Emotional Harm

The mysterious duo project Overall Severity landed on Fabrizio Lapiana’s Attic Music with an intense three track Ep called “Helene”, second installment of the new Hurricane series. On the first side, in “Vario 7288″ they make an intricate journey immersed in a dark noir melody with powerful techno rhythms and plenty of alien sounds. “Unable to Assess” on the b-side turns into a hypnotic-linear sound focused on an obsessive and scientific atmosphere where the loopy drums light the way. An ambient flow closes this work, “Emotional Harm” is an evocative result of accurate sound design full of bleep, breaks and distorted chords.

Played and supported by: Inigo Kennedy, Oscar Mulero, Ben Sims, Dj Deep, Zadig, Neel, Rodhad, Kobosil, Samuli Kemppi, Max_M, Francois X, Pangaea, Wrong Assessment, Svreca, Kr!z, Bas Mooy, Tadeo, Alex.Do, Exium, Aiken, Donor, Pfirter, Birth Of Frequency, Anthony Parasole, NX1, Rebekah, I/Y, Eric Cloutier, Subjected, Arnaud Le Texier, Jeroen Search, Hector Oaks, PVS, Dustin Zahn, Tripeo, Kwartz, Mary Velo, Takaaki Itoh and more…


Out Now On Vinyl – KEY006

Artist: Overall Severity
Title: Knowing The Healing
Label: KEY Vinyl
Catalogue: KEY006
Format: 12” WHITE VINYL
Release Date: 15 January 2015
Distribution: 712 Distribution – Berlin

A: Explain Pain
B1: Backfiring Nerves
B2: Parasympathetic

After an A-side debut on M_Red Ltd’s heady 10’’ series, shadowy outfit Overall Severity return with their first full outing for KEY Vinyl. Much like the slabs of steely sonic wares that have paved the way before it, “Knowing The Healing” presents three works of on-point dance floor material we’ve come to associate with the underground tastemaker.

“Explain Pain” is the EP’s aggravated opener. A pounding kick and itchy percussion unfurls into a din of claps and noises, spliced with melodious peals and a low-slung sort of groove. “Backfiring Nerves” is one of those cool peak-time weapons: frantic yet subtle, deeply groovy and plied with much-loved vintage crashes. “Parasympathetic” then concludes in the form of a chugging basement bomb awash with bleary acid tones, crystal hats and muted dissonant chimes. All in all, “Knowing The Healing” marks a powerful entry into the ring from these ones-to-watch newcomers.

Played and supported by Marcel Dettmann, Regis, Josh Wink, Terence Fixmer, Inigo Kennedy, Samuli Kemppi, Answer Code Request, Lucy, Developer, Jonas Kopp, Kobosil, Zadig, Max_M, Alex.Do, Kr!z, Eric Cloutier, Tommy Four Seven, Pfirter, Truncate, Dj Deep, Exium, Milton Bradley, Cleric, Hector Oaks, Phase, Nihad Tule, Kwartz, Arnaud Le Texier, Dimi Angelis, Jeroen Search, Thomas Hessler, Ryuji Takeuchi, Chris Stanford, NX1, Tomohiko Sagae, Paul Mac, PVS, Go Hiyama, I/Y, Drumcell, Rebekah, Wring Assessment, Aiken, Takaaki Itoh, Ben Gibson and more…


Out Now On Vinyl – M_Rec Ltd 1003

Artist: Overall Severity / Fabrizio Lapiana
Title: 1003
Label: M_Rec Ltd
Cat.N: M_RECLTD1003
Format: 10″ Vinyl Only
Release: 25 November 2014
Distribution: 712 Distribution – Berlin

A: Overall Severity – 1003A
B: Fabrizio Lapiana – 1003B

The efforts of label chief Max_M and Attic Music’s own Fabrizio Lapiana has so far proven to be a potent combination. Sharing wax space for the last two releases on M_Rec Ldt’s discreet new 10” vinyl series, the pair have so far turned in a stirring duplet of some of the finest, fully-formed pieces of modern techno music. Now, for the third installment, Max_M steps aside to let a brand new outfit take the helm.

The mysterious and so far unreleased Overall Severity nestles comfortably into the A-side with another swollen, undulating melodic arrangement, true to form of what we’ve seen from the series so far. Then on the B-side, Fabrizio Lapiana offers more of his dark and groovy techno, toned in what has become a signature splash of vintage British-redolent electronica.

Played and supported by Regis, Marcel Dettmann, Inigo Kennedy, DVS1, Samuli Kemppi, Terence Fixmer, Max_M, Svreca, Lucy, Kr!z, Tommy Four Seven, Psyk, Answer Code Request, Exium, Hector Oaks, Pär Grindvik, Etapp Kyle, Tripeo, Staffan Linzatti, Anthony Parasole, Ben Gibson, Nihad Tule, Alex.Do, Freddy K, NX1, Go Hiyama, Marcel Heese, Takaaki Itoh, Iori, Aiken, Blind Observatory, Jeff Derringer, Dustin Zahn, Dj Deep, I/Y, Alan Fitzpatrick, PVS, Arnaud Le Texier, J.C., Coefficient, Invite, Wrong Assessment, Deepbass, Thomas Hessler and more…