Future Déjà Vu announces the third EP

The Sheep’s Fall EP is the last result of DAHRAXT’s freaky mind.
In the opening track ‘Optomatick’ – recorded from one of his LIVE at Buttons party – as much as in “AffaR” he keeps that path of harmonic doughty rhythm, already shown through previous releases on his own imprints JTseries and PicNic34.

Headstrong big room techno pumping out loud, ‘The Alchemist’ drives forward relentlessly with its corpulent kick, looking back at the 90’s not with a sense of nostalgy, but with the consciousness of what we need to step into the future.

‘The Sheep’s Fall’ seeps a clear message: the most dangerous thing in life is an incompetent that has been given the chance to rules the world.

“The world needs a wakeup call, gentlemen” – cit.

Release Date 10 September 2018 / 12″ VINYL


Mannella A.k.a. DAHRAXT