“Fuckin’ Society” by PVS, Original Remastered Version + Remixes

First repress for H.omevvork rec, and obviously it could only be “Fuckin’ Society” !
Original version remastered and two amazing remixes by Héctor Oaks and Fabrizio Lapiana, two of the best producers around, two different styles, two different visions of techno… It’s time for “Fuckin’ society” again!

Release Date 29 June 2018 / 12″ vinyl + digital



H.omevvork PVS Héctor Oaks Fabrizio Lapiana


Out Now On Digital – H.omevvork Digital 002

Artist: PVS
Title: Urban Shakedown EP
Format: Digital
Catalogue: HMVVRKDGTL002
Release Date: 25 November 2017

1: Hologram
2: LX812
3: Urban Shakedown
4: Vapam

PVS in full effect !!

Played and supported by: Marcel Dettmann, Dax J, DJ Pete, Bas Mooy, Boris, Jeroen Search, Answer Code Request, Cari Lekebusch, Etapp kyle, Electric Indigo, Developer, Leiras, Shlømo, Brian Sanhaji, AWB, Exium / Kessell, Anastasia Kristensen, Abstract Division, Juho Kusti, Takaaki Itoh, Arnaud Le Texier, Raphael Dincsoy, Unbalance, Thomas Hessler, Alland Byallo, Alfredo Mazzilli and more.

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PVS in full effect on H.omevvork Digital Series 002

PVS in full effect !!

Release Date 25 November 2017 / Digital

PVS H.omevvork


Out Now On Vinyl – H.omevvork 003

Remixers: Max_M, Kwartz
Title:Collateral Damage
Label: H.omevvork
Catalogue: HMVRK003
Format: 12” VINYL
Release Date: 22 January 2015
Distribution: 712 Distribution – Berlin

A1: Collateral Damage (Original Mix)
B1: Collateral Damage (Max_M Remix)
B2: Collateral Damage (Kwartz Remix)

PVS is finally ready with the new release on his own label .The EP is composed of three tracks. The original version signed by PVS (H.omevvork label owner / M_Rec Ltd / KEY Vinyl) is a overwhelming broken-beat techno. The remixes are signed by Max_M (M_Rec Ltd label owner) and the Spanish talent Kwartz (PoleGroup).
Nothing else !!

Played and supported by Marcel Dettmann, Oscar Mulero, Speedy J, Inigo Kennedy, Zadig, Samuli Kemppi, Answer Code Request, Jonas Kopp, Dj Deep, Anthony Parasole, Max_M, Tadeo, Pfirter, Darko Esser, Cleric, Alex.Do, Antigone, Fabrizio Lapiana, Spencer Parker, Francois X, Dave Diggler, Freddy K, Thomas Hessler, Tommy Four Seven, NX1, Benjamin Damage, Héctor Oaks, I/Y, Rebekah, Blind Observatory, DJ Emerson, Giorgio Gigli, Eric Cloutier, Arnaud Le Texier, Dimi Angelis, Paul Boex, JuhoKusti, Urbano, Juho Kahilainen, J.C., Iori, Exium, Mary Velo, Takaaki Itoh, SHDW, Ness, Bas Mooy, Joachim Spieth and more.


Out Now On Vinyl – H.omevvork 002

Artists: PVS
Remixers: Giorgio Gigli / VSK
Title: Sunday Rhythm EP
Label: H.omevvork
Cat.N: HMVRK002
Format: 12” VINYL
Release Date: 18 February 2014
Distribution: 712 Distribution – Berlin

A1 – PVS – Sunday Rhythm (Original Mix)
B1 – PVS – Sunday Rhythm (Giorgio Gigli Remix)
B2 – PVS – Sunday Rhythm (VSK Remix)

Here comes the second release of this label that left everyone impressed with the first vinyl. The EP is composed of three tracks. The original version signed by PVS (label owner / M_Rec Ltd / Gynoid / etc.) is a devastating break techno, industrial and modern. The remix by Giorgio Gigli (Electric Deluxe / Zooloft / M_Rec Ltd / etc.) is an aggressive loop that leaves no breath. The second remix is signed by VSK (CRS Ltd) that makes the original track softer and more galactic, creating a fluid rhythm that fits the crowd with high expectations.

Played and supported by: Speedy J, Marcel Dettmann, Cio D’Or, Inigo Kennedy, edit-select, Developer, Jonas Kopp, Reeko, Dasha Rush, Alan Fitzpatrick, Eric Cloutier, Brendon Moeller, Thomas Hessler, Max_M, Tadeo, Electric Indigo, c. wunsch, Arnaud Le Texier, Joachim Spieth, Mike Wall, Snts, Chris Liebing, DJ Emerson, Bas Mooy, Synthek, Victor Martinez, Invite, Fabrizio Lapiana, Ness, Freddy K, Ctrls, Adriana Lopez, Juho Kusti, Mtd, Coefficient, Mtd, NX1, Deepbass, I/Y, Ben Gibson, Kwartz, Dimi Angelis, Mattias Fridell and more…


Out Now On Vinyl – H.omevvork 001

Artist: PVS / Dadub Remix / Conrad Van Orton Remix
Title: Fuckin’ Society
Label: H.omevvork
Cat.N: HMVRK001
Format: 12” VINYL
Release: 20 June 2013

A1 – PVS – Fuckin’ Society (Original Mix)
B1 – PVS – Fuckin’ Society (Dadub Remix)
B2 – PVS – Fuckin’ Society (Conrad Van Orton Remix)

“No limit. No genres. No market anxiety. Only music.
The party and his soundtrack above all.
Like the 90′s spirit!”

Played and Supported by Speedy J, Oscar Mulero, Developer, Truncate, AnD, Alan Fitzpatrick, Inigo Kennedy, Dasha Rush, Pfirter, Tadeo, CTRLS, SP-X, Juho Kusti, Max_M, Svreca, Electric Indigo, Dj Hyperactive, Milton Bradley, NX1, Bas Mooy, Cio D’Or, Thomas Hessler, Go Hiyama, Ness, Paul Boex, Alex Falk, Freddy K, DJ Emerson, Arnaud Le Texier, Angel Alanis, and more..