Forward Stategy Group, Unbalance, Dimi Angélis and Binny on the next Ravage White Series

Following Induction’s Liturgical Hymns Remixes EP, Ravage is proud to announce the next release on their White Series. It’s a various artists release, containing tracks produced by artists who are very close to the label. Hence, it’s title: Familiar Affairs.

A1. sees the return of Forward Strategy Group, with their track Pet a Burning Dog. It’s hard not to think ‘Sandwell District’ when first laying ear on this minimalistic beauty. Bleeps, screeches and haunting synth-work with some outstanding rhythm laying underneath. Following on A2 we have Unbalance picking up the pace with his track Hard Solutions; a track very true to its name. Atmospheric, yet with a healthy dose of punch.

Kicking off his favourite position on the record, on B1 we’ve got Dutch techno legend Dimi Angélis. He produced a self-proclaimed “Acid Bomb” which goes by the name of Tarazed. We dare you not to dance when this one hits the floor. Closing off the EP is Liverpool based artist Binny, who produced the wobbly-banger Relax. Proper techno from a man of whom you’d expect this kind of sound.

Mastering: Coefficient Audio Mastering & MA Spaventi
Artwork by Djoa Lekatompessy

Release Date 3rd of September 2018 / 12″ Vinyl + Digital


Ravage Dimi Angélis Forward Strategy Group Unbalance Binny


Forward Strategy Group on the next Ravage Black Series 002

For the second release on their Black Series, Ravage invited electronic music veterans Al Matthews and Patrick Walker to team up under their Forward Strategy Group moniker. The last release of these legends was quite a few years ago, but the wait was worth it. Their East Port Rangers EP kicks-off with Nine and One, a hypnotic, heavy-loaded stomper containing some uplifting, loopy vocals. Following is the most minimalistic track of the EP, Lisp Your Way, yet it still has a lot of substantial punch and lash to it.

The B-side starts off with heavy broken beats, combined with a classic rave sound, taking the listener back to the blistering sound of the nineties. Finally, the EP oozes down with the track In Abeyance; a haunting, down-tempo track with a melody to send shivers down your spine, which could be deemed a real creeper.

Release Date 27 February 2018 – 12″ Vinyl / Digital



Ravage Records Forward Strategy Group


Out Now On Vinyl – M_Rec Ltd 21

Artist: Forward Strategy Group
Title: Levity
Label: M_Rec Ltd
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Release Date: 23 June 2014
Distribution: 712 Distribution – Berlin

A: A Marvel (Original Mix)
B1: Levity (Original Mix)
B2: Learned (Original Mix)

The duo behind Forward Strategy Group returns with their first release in almost a year. Following the success of the “Labour Division” album and “The New Formal” EP (both on Perc Trax), Al Matthews (Bleaching Agent, half of Blacknecks) and Patrick Walker have worked with Max_M and his M_Rec Ltd. to bring three complex and hypnotic cuts to vinyl fans and djs around the world.
“A Marvel” sounds like an ode to the label’s vision. It’s a trippy and layered loop made of molded, elastic sounds that subtly mutate, aided by a warm, but stripped down and forward driving groove. Its crescendo is paced and systematic, a celebration of experimental techno.
On the flip side, the due brings in a small dose of their industrial heritage. Initially, “Levity” is a more brutal affair, with it’s groove formed by an unforgiving bass drum and a rolling mechanical refrain. What grows around it is unexpected thou’: with a melody of analog synths that brings back memories of the best Detroit and layers of gelid soundscapes, the drum programming shifts to the background and the track transforms into another hypnotic and brainy experiment.
It’s a similar deal with ‘Learned’, although things are a little bit more martial and aggressive here. While the atmosphere is still crepuscular and sidereal, the drum programming maintains center stage with an old school stomping loop and an ‘in your face’ bass drum.
Max_M continues to cherish relationships with dedicated techno veterans and this Forward Strategy Group release is just another chapter in the label’s celebration of underground techno.

Played and supported by Surgeon, Truss, Perc, Marcel Dettmann, Pangaea, Inigo Kennedy, Norman Nodge, Chris Liebing, Lakker, Kobosil, Max_M, Samuli Kemppi, Answer Code Request, Giorgio Gigli, Xhin, Marcel Fengler, Tommy Four Seven, Kr!z, Anthony Parasole, Paul Boex, Audio Injection, Donor, Svreca, Jonas Kopp, Reeko, Mørbeck, Freddy K, Jeff Derringer, Coefficient, Nihad Tule, NX1, CTRLS, Radial, Go Hiyama, Alex Falk, Jeroen Search, Takaaki Itoh, Dustin Zahn, Raiz, Aiken, Brendon Moeller, Pfirter, Deepbass, Cassegrain, MTD, Rebekah, PVS, Mas Teeveh, I/Y, Markus Suckut, Tomohiko Sagae, Ben Gibson, Hector Oaks, Ness, Mary Velo, Arnaud Le Texier, Charlton, Snts, Thomas Hessler, Bas Mooy and more…


Out Now On Digital – Archetypes Axiom Series 001

Artist: Peder / AnD / Forward Strategy Group
Label: Archetypes Records
Cat.N: AXS001
Release: 25 October 2012

Peder – Deep Space Holes (Original Mix)
Peder – Deep Space Holes (AnD deconstructive remode)
Peder – Deep Space Holes (Forward Strategy Group Remix)


It’s been a long, strange trip for this universe we call home. Evolutionary cosmology formulates theories in which an existence is capable of giving rise to and generating future existences out of itself, within holes or whatever. Holes of nature are the most perfect macroscopic objects there are in the universe: the only elements in their construction are our concepts of space and time. Holes teaches us that space can be crumpled like a piece of paper into an infinitesimal dot, that time can be extinguished like a blown-out flame, and that the laws of physics that we regard as ‘sacred,’ as immutable, are anything but.

Played and Supported by Speedy J, Perc, Norman Nodge, DJ Hyperactive, Inigo Kennedy, Kr!z, Violet Posion, Reeko, Exium, Jeff Derringer, DJ Emerson, Bas Mooy, Rebekah, Ness, ROD, Joton, Dadub, iFormat and more.


Out Now On Digital – Archetypes Axiom Series 000

Artist: Mas Teeveh feat. Unperson
Title: Axiom#1: Paradox
Label: Archetypes Axiom Series
Cat.N: AXS000
Release: 02 July 2012

Mas Teeveh feat. Unperson – Paradox (Original Mix)
Mas Teeveh feat. Unperson – Paradox (Forward Strategy Group Remix)
Mas Teeveh feat. Unperson – Paradox (AnD Cyclops Remix)


Axiom #1.
Does time exist? does it come back in loop as a spiral?
We care about the introspection into the man’s mind and his intellect abilities:
considering the study inception about his primordial level which is the archetypes of his existence.
Digging into the subconscious, searching thoughts and dreams’ paradoxes made by
the memories’ deep space holes which emerge whenever we’re in front of an insight into the sublime present.
Time that coexists with the past, creating the eternal return could lead to contraddictions, empties, amnesia.
Do we reach the final catharsis?
Are we able to swear that we could remember everything?
…Where was i? …Does time exist?

Played and Supported by Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Perc, DVS1, Brendon Moeller, Pfirter, Adam X, Norman Nodge, VSK, Dasha Rush,Samuli Kemppi, Dustin Zahn, Truncate, Jonas Kopp, Jeroen Search, Violet Poison, Cio D’Or, Dadub, Tadeo, Angel Costa, Dimi Angelis, Bas Mooy, Freddy K, Kike Pravda, Mattias Fridell and more.