Forward Stategy Group, Unbalance, Dimi Angélis and Binny on the next Ravage White Series

Following Induction’s Liturgical Hymns Remixes EP, Ravage is proud to announce the next release on their White Series. It’s a various artists release, containing tracks produced by artists who are very close to the label. Hence, it’s title: Familiar Affairs.

A1. sees the return of Forward Strategy Group, with their track Pet a Burning Dog. It’s hard not to think ‘Sandwell District’ when first laying ear on this minimalistic beauty. Bleeps, screeches and haunting synth-work with some outstanding rhythm laying underneath. Following on A2 we have Unbalance picking up the pace with his track Hard Solutions; a track very true to its name. Atmospheric, yet with a healthy dose of punch.

Kicking off his favourite position on the record, on B1 we’ve got Dutch techno legend Dimi Angélis. He produced a self-proclaimed “Acid Bomb” which goes by the name of Tarazed. We dare you not to dance when this one hits the floor. Closing off the EP is Liverpool based artist Binny, who produced the wobbly-banger Relax. Proper techno from a man of whom you’d expect this kind of sound.

Mastering: Coefficient Audio Mastering & MA Spaventi
Artwork by Djoa Lekatompessy

Release Date 3rd of September 2018 / 12″ Vinyl + Digital


Ravage Dimi Angélis Forward Strategy Group Unbalance Binny


EMME (Tribute to Max_M) Release Date announced !!

From 712 Distribution Facebook Page:
“After long time we announce the release date of EMME (Tribute to MAX_M)
At the beginning it was announced on the date he passed away just to remember him, but the release was not ready.
Then some issues with the first test pressings and other time was spent to wait the second one,
and also the packaging had to be changed.
After, we wanted to wait more time because we see how fast the people can forget artists, nowadays everything is so fast and superficial, we definitely do not want this .. especially in this case.
Max has to be remembered again and again .. so we postponed the release date because we wanted that, it’s not an M_Rec Ltd catalog number, it is a tribute to remember Max.
So now the scene will speak again about Max,
and this is really what we want.
Every old order is safe !!!

Release Date is the 25th of April 2017
It’s still possible to order the release here: http://712.bigcartel.com/…/various-artists-emme-m_rec-ltd-e…
The package contains:
- 1 double vinyl EMME
- 1 special envelope with incl. a real picture of MAX_M (a personal present) + M_Rec Ltd stickers + Flyer where the artists involved explain with one sentence how they remember Max.
- 1 vinyl from the old catalog M_Rec Ltd.

Thanks to all the people Involved : artists (Fabrizio Lapiana, Wrong Assessment, Regis, Overall Severity, Stanislav Tolkachev, Dimi Angelis, Jeroen Search, PVS, Samuli Kemppi), artwork (Design Provocation, Berlin), mastering (Decode Studio, Berlin),picture (Sergio Andretti), video (Diego Vicinanza) , packaging (Marcos Leiras)
Thank you for the patience and for the love showed to Max
and definitely we hope you accept our apologies.


Out Now On Vinyl – M_Rec Ltd 18

Artist: A&S (Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search)
Title: Diversity EP
Label: M_Rec Ltd
Format: 12″ VINYL
Release: 29 August 2013

A side:
A: Species

B side:
B1: Genetic – B2: Nucleotide

With integrity and passion at the core of M_Rec Ltd’s mission, it’s not surprising to see the relationship between the label and uncompromising techno veterans Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search continue. After releasing 12″s by Jeroen Search and Counterpart, M_Rec Ltd. welcomes back the dutch duo with a release under their A&S alias. Through the vinyl-only A&S series, the two producers have continued to deliver a consistent number of solid dance floor oriented tracks, supported by an infinite number of artists.

“Species” embraces the forwardness of classic Detroit techno infusing it with hypnotic subtlety. The loop interplay that entertains the track showcases class and knowledge with an admirable attention to details. In a time when harsher and distorted sounds become more of the norm, a crafty and stylish techno track like this is one can only remind us how special classic techno can be. “Genetic” starts minimally with a soulful groove-driven beat, but then slowly grows sharper, gelid and absorbing with its loops somehow dramatic and spellbinding. “Nucleotide” has an harder bass drum, a groovier techno tool with a melody loop at its center that incorporates classic Detroit elements to transform into a big room techno gem.

Played and supported by: Norman Nodge, Oscar Mulero, Terence Fixmer, DVS1, Tom Dicicco, Max_M, Svreca, Milton Bradley, Lakker, Tommy Four Seven, Cassegrain, Dj Deep, Forward Strategy Group, Tadeo, Pär Grindvik, Truncate, Psyk, Juho Kusti, Inigo Kennedy, Developer, Xhin, Electric Indigo, Brendon Moeller, Kr!z, DJ Emerson, Jonas Kopp, Ben Gibson, Deepbass, Claudio PRC, Alan Fitzpatrick, Paul Boex, Aiken, Vincent de Wit, Pfirter, Freddy K, Samuli Kemppi, Rebekah, Invite, Kirk Degiorgio, Bas Mooy, Jeff Derringer, Fabrizio Lapiana, Ness, Coefficient, Angel Molina, Darko Esser, NX1, Arnaud Le Texier, Mattias Fridell and more…