The French duo Charlotte Isabelle on Lemme Records 001

Lemme Records is an electronic label that combines exploration of new sounds,cinematic landscapes with abstract and mental techno music.

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For the 1st Lemme release we introduce the french duo Charlotte Isabelle.
Hopis is a glance at the various personalities embodied in the duo, the whole being wrapped in an ethnic universe. The guideline of their second EP is to expose repetitive and percussive beats from the stage to the public, bringing the audience in a gloomy world, and keeping on their path after their first release on Lucy’s label Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Charlotte Isabelle

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Brian Sanhaji announces SENSOR 003

Brian Sanhaji announces the third release on SENSOR

with two video teaser through his own artist page on Brian Sanhaji Facebook page

more info soon…


Brian Sanhaji

Pure, unadulterated techno. Three words that perfectly describe the stunning progression, hallmark sound and promising future of production and performance mainstay Brian Sanhaji. There are a multitude of other adjectives that could be applied to Brian Sanhaji’s multi-faceted career: ‘dedicated’ to mark his 15 years on the scene; ‘raw’ for the devastating analogue beats that he regularly deploys; ‘seasoned’ in respect of his experiences as a label owner, collaborator and mastering engineer. From his first forays in Frankfurt to sets for clubs and festivals around the globe, to acclaimed releases and successes at the controls as a technician, Brian Sanhaji has always remained a beacon of commitment to the techno cause.

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PREMIERE: High Mobility Weapons Unit 003

High Mobility Weapons Unit’s third outing on the imprint takes it deep into enemy territory on a reconnaissance mission. The ‘Mega Particle Cannon EP’ contains four diverse techno weapons spanning stripped-down tools, otherworldly bleeps and 140bpm workouts.
Mastered by Steve @ Black Monolith Studios.

Available on 12″ Vinyl

Release Date June 2017

High Mobility Weapons Unit

Discovering Hedrome on Blanksheet 002

Following the opening in November, Bottom Line marks the sophomore release for the label. This one feeds on different facets of techno, coming with four diverse, aerial cuts.

Available on 12″ Vinyl

Release Date 26 May 2017

Hedrome Facebook page

Out Now On Vinyl – Unequal 004

Artist: Anselm
Remixers: Irakli, Paàl, Stock Projects
Title: Strom EP
Label: Unequal Records
Cat. Nr.: UQL004
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: 30 March 2017

A1: Anselm – Strom
A2: Anselm – Strom (Stock Projects Remix)
B1: Anselm – Strom (Irakli Remix)
B2: Anselm – Strom (Paàl Remix)

Anselm has teamed up alongside Stock Projects (Bare Hands, Vienna), Irakli (I/Y, Berlin) and Paàl (Voitax, Berlin) for Unequals fourth release. The EP ́s title track has been taken and remixed with significantly different approaches. This has resulted in each track having its specific vibe, ranging from mental deepness to gritty distortions.

Anselm is a DJ and producer from Frankfurt am Main. He has been an active part of the scene since 2012. He achieved residency at Tanzhaus West club and its popular event series VOID in 2014. Two years later he established his own label Unequal, played his first gigs outside of germany and got attention from various respected artists who played his records.

Founded by Anselm in 2015, Unequal Records is an open platform, aiming to express a diverse range of music within the techno genre. Through collectivising different projects, Unequal proposes to create a new approach to techno, in both design and musical diversity. This notion is the embodiment of the record labels identity. It ́s about discovering the undefinable, the peculiar and the obscure and overcoming the expectations of popular trends. Unequal Records is based in Berlin since 2017 so there will be new ways to evolve for the label with some exciting collaborations incoming.

Played and supported by: Chris Liebing, Jonas Kopp, Rebekah, Cio D’Or, Etapp Kyle, Electric Indigo, Kirk Degiorgio, Juho Kusti, PVS, Arnaud Le Texier, NX1, Takaaki Itoh, Alland Byallo and more.

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Out Now On Vinyl – Ephemeral Manoeuvres 002

Artist: Agnosia
Remixer: Von Grall
Title: A Dazzling Awareness
Label: Ephemeral Manoeuvres
Format: 12” Vinyl EP
Catalogue: EMV002
Release date: 25 April 2017

A1: Agnosia – Senseless
A2: Agnosia – Harbinger of Tragedy
B1: Agnosia – Faithful Isolation (Original Mix)
B2: Agnosia – Faithful Isolation (Von Grall Faithless Vision)

The Agnosia project began four years ago, they been influenced by different sound styles, from 90′s Shoegaze till contemporary Ambient and Techno.

Looking for a melancholic sound, they swim into distorted melodies, mixing progressive and quiet grooves, swallowing you to a metaphorical trip inside the mind of the main character of the story in every release, using the thoughts as the principal way of expression.

The link between music and artworks to their ephemeral manoeuvres, is the principal feature reflected on the label, practicing a musical language through walls of sound and the personal feelings of Agnosia.

In every release, Ephemeral Manoeuvres, will count with a new artist who can change the script to make a new variation for the end of the story. In “A Dazzling Awareness”, Von Grall joins the record, creating a faithless vision about the main character thoughts where he can’t feel the faith of his own desires.

Played and Supported by: Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing, Dax J, Answer Code Request, Jeroen Search, Electric Indigo, Adriana Lopez, Kwartz, Ness, Joachim Spieth, Boston 168, Takaaki Itoh, Tensal, Shlømo, 2000 And One, Kessell, Alex.Do, Amotik, PVS, Arnaud Le Texier, Gotshell, Israel Vines, Alex Dolby, Synthek and more.

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Out Now On Vinyl – Lanthan.audio 008

Artist: Empty Vision
Remixers: Distant Echoes / Chris Stanford
Title: Visions
Format: 12” VINYL
Label: Lanthan.audio
Catalogue: LNTHN008
Release Date: 21 March 2017

A1: Empty Vision Vision I
A2: Empty Vision Vision I (Distant Echoes Version)
B1: Empty Vision Vision II
B2: Empty Vision Vision II (Chris Stanford Version)
B3: Empty Vision Vision III

Empty Vision provides the next pillar to the structure of Lanthan.audio and is the latest project of the italian-rooted Damiano Di Cagno. In addition he was able to convince Distant Echoes [Dystopian] and the well-known Chris Stanford to paraphrase his Visions.
Vision I gives an insight into a deep, abandoned space, reminds on a far away valley. Leaving it is accompanied by thundering spheres impressively.
Distant Echoes grasps this tension and turns it into a delightful and powerful interpretation which gives an affirmative spirit. Vision II goes ahead with a strong foundation pursued by congenial bizarre but memorable sounds that send you through the apparent infinity. Flattened with wide open spheres results here in a very solid dancefloor weapon.
Chris Stanford follows in similar manner, the foundations are well recognizable but he manages it to present the track in a different shape with putting his own stamp on it.
The last track – Vision III – slides us formally into our deepest core, before it opens in full beauty and rescues us from all vicious visions. It remembers us to the most important thing we are capable of giving, love, light and compassion.
Curtain on for Empty Vision.

Played and supported by: Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Marcel Fengler, Kr!z, Dax J, Svreca, DJ Hyperactive, Answer Code Request, Jonas Kopp, Freddy K, Electric Indigo, CTRLS, Cio D’Or, Brian Sanhaji, Milton Bradley, Francois X, Tensal, Amotik, Juho Kusti, Nihad Tule, Jeff Derringer, DJ Emerson, Abstract Division, PVS, Arnaud Le Texier, Alland Byallo, Takaaki Itoh, Aiken and more.

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Out Now On Digital – Asteroid Digital 003

Artist: RE_P & Hakko
Remixer: Opal / Dykore / ArchivOne
Title: Mutual brutality
Label: Asteroid
Format: Digital
Catalogue: AD003
Release Date: 08 May 2017

1: RE_P & Hakko – Mutual Brutality I
2: RE_P & Hakko – Mutual Brutality II
3: RE_P & Hakko – Mutual Brutality (Opal Remix)
4: RE_P & Hakko – Mutual Brutality (Dykore Remix)
5: RE_P & Hakko – Mutual Brutality (ArchivOne Remix)

Asteroid Records’ owner keeps inviting more established artists to bring more variety to his warehouse-aimed records.This time the choice fell on RE_P & Hakko, who worked in collaboration and provided two original works.To top it off, their rst track is backed by craftily-built remixes from Dykore, Opal and ArchivOne. Mutual Brutality 01: supremely potent, syncopated kicks attack the subwoofers straight from second one, soon joined by a mind-blowing bassline, shaped from electric guitar; the composition comprises elements from various genres while being a high-energy work. With Mutual Brutality 02, acid-infused kicks are arranged at common time and are more grounded, whilst the two basslines are presented as melancholic elements. Dykore’s rework, wherein robustly thudding kicks that by times break their signature, densely sweeping hats, rough claps and bursts of poignantly-striking bars, will run against a majestic, overwhelming bassline. Opal will unleash some satisfyingly whanging kicks with short sweeping samples attached to them, paper-thick bars that travel to and fro across the channels, generic opens hats and acidic bassline that runs and pans at a rapid pace. ArchivOne makes use of positively devastating, mind-numbing kicks that run their game under two layers of open hats, sandy hats, high-passed polyphonic streams of acid, and effective three-note bassline; unleashed on the dance oor, it will shred the crowd to bits.

Played and supported by: DJ Pete, Perc, Dax J, Kobosil, Developer, Etapp Kyle, Regal, Claire Morgan, Anetha, Alex Dolby, NX1, Takaaki Itoh, PVS and more.

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Out Now On Digital – LIMITED.G. 013

Artists: Cristian Marras & Raul Alvarez / Andrea Belluzzi / Philippe Petit / Drop-E
Title: 13
Format: Digital
Catalogue: LIMITEDG013
Release Date: 08 May 2017

13.1: Philippe Petit
13.2: Andrea Belluzzi
13.3: Drop-E
13.4: Cristian Marras & Raul Alvarez

Functional techno !!

Played and supported by: Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Henning Baer, Spencer Parker, Antigone, Kr!z, Alan Fitzpatrick, Eric Cloutier, Pfirter, Milton Bradley, Etapp Kyle, SHDW, Anetha, Arnaud Le Texier, Abstract Division, Benjamin Damage, Angel Molina, Gotshell, Takaaki Itoh, AWB, Juho Kusti, Alex.Do, Shlømo and more.

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Out Now On Vinyl – Raw Imprint 003

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Aurora EP
Label: Raw Imprint
Catalogue: RI003
Format: 12“ Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: 05.05.2017
Distribution: N.E.W.S. Distribution (BE)

A1: Felix Fleer – Persistence of Memory
A2: Jonas Landwehr – Elysian Fields
A3: Rythen – Ancient Relicts
B1: Environ. – Anticipate
B2: Alderaan – Clarity

Felix Fleer starts of the A-side by exploring his roots in classical music through implementing a grand piano into a rhythmically challenging yet hypnotic techno weapon in an seemingly effortless manner. Jonas Landwehr continues diving deeper into his fascination for airy pad sounds and unique percussion styles that are not less silky than they are warm and powerful. Rythen closes the A-side with an electrifying and stomping floorkiller. Under their Environ. moniker Rythen & Felix Fleer open up the B-side by revisiting the previously encountered piano theme in a more club oriented way. The last words on this release are spoken by Alderaan, one of the most promising newcomers of the currently flourishing techno scene from Buenos Aires. With ‘Clarity’ he delivers a tooly, yet psychedelic techno trip.

Played and supported by: Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Len Faki, Chris Liebing, Boris, Dax J, Dustin Zahn, Freddy K, Setaoc Mass, Francois X, Oliver Deutschmann, Claire Morgan, Developer, Milton Bradley, Electric Indigo, Jeroen Search, Shlømo, Kyle Geiger, Ryan James Ford, Tensal, Abstract Division, Vincent Neumann, Benjamin Damage, Alex. Do, Israel Vines, Amotik, Angel Molina, AWB, Arnaud Le Texier, Synthek, Philippe Petit, Kessell, PVS, Alex Dolby, Juho Kusti, Alland Byallo, Nihad Tule, I/Y, Anastasia Kristensen and more.

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