High Mobility Weapons Unit : the 4th release is ready

High Mobility Weapons Unit manoeuvres into an attacking formation on the imprint’s fourth mission, the ‘Foreign Object Debris EP’. The four-tracker is focussed around lo-fi discordant synths, roomy bell stabs and stripped down percussive patterns. Mastered by Steve @ Black Monolith Studios.

Release Date July 2018 as 12″ Vinyl

High Mobility Weapons Unit

Singular Anomalies is the artist of the next

The next strut of comes from curator Christian Gerlach himself. After an intense episode of exploring human architecture, it is time to open a new chapter and devote itself to the far more complex and graceful architecture of nature. With this five original tracks Christian shows the diversity of his productions facets and ranks in the series of his label.

Release Date 20 July 2018 as Digital release Singular Anomalies


Hot On Digital – Trivmvirate TWV016

Artist: Acidulant
Title: No One Grieves
Label: Trivmvirate
Catalogue: TWV016
Release Date: 20 June 2018

1. Drax
2. No One Grieves
3. Trick Insomnia
4. Test System 436

Acidulant back at it and show us where Techno is heading from his point of view. Modern dancefloor cuts meet funk and acid, making it clear Acidulant has been in the game enough to bring original flavour and innovation into his music.



Played and supported by: Luke Slater, Chris Liebing, Marcel Dettmann, Drumcell, AWB, Somewhen, Amotik, Subjected, Volte-Face, Benjamin Damage, Wrong Assessment, Nihad Tule, Takaaki Itoh, Gotshell, Christian Gerlach, Arnaud Le Texier, Thomas Hessler and more.

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“Fuckin’ Society” by PVS, Original Remastered Version + Remixes

First repress for H.omevvork rec, and obviously it could only be “Fuckin’ Society” !
Original version remastered and two amazing remixes by Héctor Oaks and Fabrizio Lapiana, two of the best producers around, two different styles, two different visions of techno… It’s time for “Fuckin’ society” again!

Release Date 29 June 2018 / 12″ vinyl + digital



H.omevvork PVS Héctor Oaks Fabrizio Lapiana


Out Now On Vinyl – KEY LP01

Artist: PVS
Title: Bipolar Crowd
Label: KEY Vinyl
Format: 2×12″ Vinyl
Catalogue: KEYLP01
Release Date: 15 June 2018

A1: Speak Louder
A2: Fog and blue lights
B1: Swing into the dark
B2: Paris is sexy
C1: The day after
C2: Chemical world perception
D1: iRebels
D2: Off to Off

PVS is an artist who is known for his solid productions on his own label H.omevvork’ (just to remind you of his masterpiece of four years ago ‘fuckin’ society’) and on the prestigious M_Rec Ltd label of Max_M who sadly passed away (R.I.P.), and KEY Vinyl.

After years of experience in his private life and professional life that involved travelling around Europe, he took a moment of break from the scene. Now he’s back and will release this own musical journey where he deeply expresses his personal musical maturity.

PVS developed an album where nothing has been produced randomly. The album can definitely be defined as a ‘techno album’, as is the general concept of KEY Vinyl – records that can be heard on the dance floor, but that can also be listened to at home.
Enjoy this album that shows 360° techno by PVS.


Played and supported by: Laurent Garnier, Len Faki, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Dax J, Chris Liebing, DJ Pete, Marcel Fengler, Freddy K, Etapp Kyle, Shlømo, Alan Fitzpatrick, Terence Fixmer, Boris, Henning Baer, Developer, Kwartz, Pfirter, Oliver Deutschmann, Alex.Do, Regal, AWB, Exal, Domenico Crisci, Ron Albrecht, Nima Khak, Drumcell, Setaoc Mass, Thomas Hessler, Volte-Face, Amotik, Subjected, Leiras, Takaaki Itoh, Angel Molina, Insolate, Kirk Degiorgio, Fabrizio Lapiana, Gonno, Unbalance, Juho Kusti, Donor and more.

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Out Now On Digital – Wirebox 001

Artist: Acidulant
Title: Gear Down
Label: Wirebox Records
Catalogue: WBX001
Release Date: MAY 2018


1 Gear Down
2 Timeless Substance

Wirebox is a brand new record label, based in Malta, focusing on releasing Acid music, in various shapes & forms. For the first installment Acidulant has fierce intentions and delivers two Acid Techno burners, ‘Gear Down’ and ‘Timeless Substance’. This is a 3.03am techno trip into the realms of acid.

Played and supported by: Marcel Dettmann, Marcel Fengler, Vincent Neumann, Takaaki Itoh, Amotik, Blue Hour, PVS, Insolate, Raphael Dincsoy, Arnaud Le Texier, Christian Gerlach, Anderson Noise, Ryuji Takeuchi and more.

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Future Déjà Vu announces the third EP

The Sheep’s Fall EP is the last result of DAHRAXT’s freaky mind.
In the opening track ‘Optomatick’ – recorded from one of his LIVE at Buttons party – as much as in “AffaR” he keeps that path of harmonic doughty rhythm, already shown through previous releases on his own imprints JTseries and PicNic34.

Headstrong big room techno pumping out loud, ‘The Alchemist’ drives forward relentlessly with its corpulent kick, looking back at the 90’s not with a sense of nostalgy, but with the consciousness of what we need to step into the future.

‘The Sheep’s Fall’ seeps a clear message: the most dangerous thing in life is an incompetent that has been given the chance to rules the world.

“The world needs a wakeup call, gentlemen” – cit.

Release Date September 2018 / 12″ VINYL


Mannella A.k.a. DAHRAXT

PREMIERE: KEY Leather, Steel & Fist 2 – Stephno

“It is the celebration of a state of mind, a sexual taste, an open vision, a certain freedom, a specific place.”

The project is composed by three releases
In details: first release LEATHER, second STEEL and third FIST.
One different artist for each release.

The second artist is Stephno from Italy !!

Release Date 22 June 2018 / 12″ Vinyl + Maxi Picture + steel insert


KEY Vinyl

Acidulant on the next Trivmvirate Waves 016

Acidulant back at it and show us where Techno is heading from his point of view. Modern dancefloor cuts meet funk and acid, making it clear Acidulant has been in the game enough to bring original flavour and innovation into his music.

Release Date 20 June 2018 / Digital


Trivmvirate Acidulant


Out Now On Vinyl – Ravage White Series 004

Artist: Induction
Remixers: Zadig, Birth of Frequency, As Patria, Samuli Kemppi, Tadeo
Title: Liturgical Hymns Remixes
Format: 12” VINYL + digital
Label: Ravage White Series
Catalogue: RWS004
Release Date: 20 April 2018
Distribution: N.E.W.S. distribution

A1: Theological Explanation (Zadig remix)
A2: Epitrachelion (Birth of Frequency remix)

B1: Oxygen Swamp (As Patria remix)
B2: Back in my Amnesia (Samuli Kemppi remix)
B3: Theological Explanation (Tadeo remix)



Induction’s Remix EP can be considered as a true Ravage family affair. The EP starts and ends with takes on Theological Explanation; Tadeo delivers an hypnotic version with a lot of drive, and – it may sound counterintuitive – Zadig dives into the deep as well, with an outstanding, euphoric and ethereal mix. Both tracks turn out to be quite true-to-self reworks of the offbeat original. On A2, Birth of Frequency altered the ambient intro Epitrachelion into a soft, melodic, functional electro track that oozes refinement and a bit nostalgic comfort.

The B-side starts with As Patria’s signature sound, giving a new interpretation to a previously unreleased production called Oxygen Swamp. Melancholic hisses, softly rattling hats and light synth-work all contribute to the overall feeling of their remix. The same goes for Samuli Kemppi, who took on Back in my Amnesia, giving it the ghetto-house-treatment, indulged with rave influences.

Played and supported by: Laurent Garnier, DVS1, Marcel Dettmann, Rødhåd, Dax J, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Shifted, Kr!z, Henning Baer, Freddy K, Francois X, Svreca, Terence Fixmer, Norman Nodge, Cassegrain, Etapp Kyle, Antigone, Electric Indigo, Developer, Subjected, Jonas Kopp, Jeroen Search, DJ Hyperactive, Eric Cloutier, Drumcell, Truncate, Takaaki Itoh, Sandrien, Colin Dale, Nihad Tule, Tensal, Exium, Dimi Angelis, Amotik, PVS, Benjamin Damage, Samuel L Session, Vincent Neumann, Juho Kusti, Claire Morgan, Aiken, Volte-Face, Wrong Assessment,  Joachim Spieth, Donor, Alfredo Mazzilli and more.

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