PREMIERE: Agnosia / Von Grall Remix “A Dazzling Awareness” – Ephemeral Manoeuvres 002

“The Agnosia project began four years ago, they been influenced by different sound styles, from 90′s Shoegaze till contemporary Ambient and Techno.

Looking for a melancholic sound, they swim into distorted melodies, mixing progressive and quiet grooves, swallowing you to a metaphorical trip inside the mind of the main character of the story in every release, using the thoughts as the principal way of expression.

The link between music and artworks to their ephemeral manoeuvres, is the principal feature reflected on the label, practicing a musical language through walls of sound and the personal feelings of Agnosia.

In every release, Ephemeral Manoeuvres, will count with a new artist who can change the script to make a new variation for the end of the story. In “A Dazzling Awareness”, Von Grall joins the record, creating a faithless vision about the main character thoughts where he can’t feel the faith of his own desires.”


Available on 12″ Vinyl

Release Date 25 April 2017


PREMIERE: The Automatic Message – Crossing 009

The label from AVION comes with its 9th installment releasing a full Single EP from the canadian artist duo ’The Automatic Message’.
The release starts with ’Tessellation’ which brings up a dreamy atmosphere turning into a floor bomb with crashing analog snares a pushing drum and driving rides never losing its fragile built atmosphere.
The B-Side comes with a rough and storming track ’Paint by Numbers’ full of noises and driving percussions forming a killer of function to move the floor.
Closing the release with the ’Towers of Hanoi’ an acidic Techno track creating an outer space full of noises and effects for special people in special locations leaving the world to be surreal.

Available on 12″ Vinyl

Release Date 24 April 2017



Out Now On Digital – Aconito Digital Series 01.08

Artist: Relic Radiation
Title: Forking Paths
Label: Aconito
Cat: ACDS01.08
Release Date: 13 March 2017

1: Hollow
2: Anxiety
3: Convex Glass
4: Haunting Visions
5: Meta

Aconito Records Digital Series 01 comes to an end with the new release of Relic Radiation, a Russian born from Saint Petersburg, introducing his vision of techno and electronic music to the world. The releases is a techno ambient voyage, with acid delayed pulses and big atmospheres. It includes 2 drones track that could be used as a tool or as ambient track, 2 techno break track with an ambient taste and a 4/4 techno ambient track with an acid taste that evolves and opens up to a electric explosion.

Played and supported by: Chris Liebing, Jonas Kopp, Dax J, Norman Nodge, Cio D’Or, Electric Indigo, Abstract Division, Amotik, Kirk Degiorgio, Angel Molina, Takaaki Itoh, Kessell, Joachim Spieth, Lenny Posso, Arnaud Le Texier, Synthek, Alex Dolby, Alland Byallo, Juho Kusti, Ryuji Takeuchi, 2000 and One  and more.


Out Now On Vinyl – New York_Chicago (Reclaim Your City 007)

Artist: Adam X / Mike Parker / Dj Hyperactive / Jeff Derringer
Title: New York_Chicago
Label: Reclaim Your City
Catalogue: RYCL007
Format: 12” VINYL
Release Date: 27 February 2017
Distribution: Decks (D)

A1: Adam X – Phobic (recorded in 2004)
A2: Mike Parker – La Strega Danza
B1: Dj Hyperactive – Third Person
B2: Jeff Derringer – One Angry Shot

Joining the force for the seventh edition of Reclaim Your City comes two major influencers from the United States, New York and Chicago with Adam X and Mike Parker as well as DJ Hyperactive and Jeff Derringer respectively, who have each left their distinguished mark on the genre and their hometown.
With Chicago as the birthplace of house music, it carries a rich history in the genre which is known to nurture it’s underground talent, while New York with its raw, grungy energy transformed house music into techno with a fierce attitude.

On the A side Adam X, an essential name to New York techno contributes with ‘Phobic’, a sinister track recorded back in 2004 which transports you straight back to the heydays of New York’s infamous club the Limelight, where Mike Parker delivers ‘La Strega Danza’, a vertiginous pulsating composition.
On the flip side, DJ Hyperactive, one of Chicago’s biggest influencers in the 90’s, delivers the true groove of the city on ‘Third Person’ with a smooth ascension of complimenting rhythms. Jeff Derringer, resident of Chicago’s celebrated Smart Bar and founder of it’s Oktave nights, illustrates his skill for entrancing his audience with ‘One Angry Shot’.

Played and supported by: Luke Slater, Dave Clarke, DVS1, Speedy J, Rødhåd, Perc, Shifted, Jonas Kopp, Dax J, Alan Fitzpatrick, Kr!z, Svreca, Cio D’Or, Brian Sanhaji, Norman Nodge, Tommy Four Seven, Freddy K, Antigone, Boris, Audio Injection/Truncate, Pfirter, Electric Indigo, Tensal, Kessell, Drumcell, Shlømo, Etapp Kyle, Jeroen Search, AnD, Dustin Zahn, Oliver Deutschmann, Somewhen, Ateq, Héctor Oaks, Truss, Alex.Do, Ryan James Ford, I/Y, Fabrizio Lapiana, Kyle Geiger, Angel Molina, Regal, Benjamin Damage, Vincent Neumann, Juho Kusti, J.C., Thomas Hessler, Adriana Lopez, Abstract Division, Amotik, Kwartz, Invite, PVS, Ness, Alland Byallo, Refracted, Boston 168, Pangaea, Unbalance, Aiken, Raiz and more.


PREMIERE: Fragmentor / Tobias. Remix “Black Tartan” – Ribbon Recordings 005

“Black Tartan” is the new single to be released by Italian musician Fragmentor. This release is composed by a solid techno Original Mix and a brilliant Remix produced by German maestro Tobias. (Tobias Freund). The prominent, edgy and dark soul of the Original Mix is highlighted in the middle of the track when the acid synth line wisely grows congruently with the other elements, gradually creating great tension and a hypnotic effect in a far from obvious way. Tobias. remakes “Black Tartan” using the elements in a surprising way delivering an elegant, unforgettable mesmerising journey.

Available as digital download

Release Date  14 April 2017


Out Now On Digital – Uncode “Her” Affekt Recordings LTD004

Artist: Uncode
Title: Her LP
Format: Digital
Catalogue: AFKLP
Release Date: 08 March 2017

1: Her
2: Hate But love
3: Skin
4: Equality for her
5: Body Shapes
6: Booty
7: M
8: Feminine

The debut, concept LP of the young italian Uncode is all about the greatest love of his life, the most beautiful and sexy, the reasons why, the deus ex machina of all. Her, the woman, the great muse, the most kind and beautiful of the creatures, inspiring a sound beautiful but dangerous,delicate bu strong, trippy, hypnotic, sometimes impossible to comprehend but also impossible to ignore. Her, the music, the reason why and the way trough, the art as it should be loved, inspirer of her selves, made for it’s own sake and adoration, as the ultimate enchant of a cold world. An LP made by sounds born from love and directed to the soul, to the lovers and the adorers of Her.

Played and supported by: Chris Liebing, Rødhåd, Drumcell, Jonas Kopp, Electric Indigo, Audio Injection/Truncate, Dimi Angelis, Juho Kusti, Héctor Oaks, Angel Molina, Israel Vines, Lenny Posso, Arnaud Le Texier, Boston 168, Abstract Division, Amotik, Xpansul, Alfredo Mazzilli, Anderson Noise, Ryuji Takeuchi, Raphael Dincsoy, Alland Byallo, Deepbass, Takaaki Itoh and more.


LABEL MIX: Affekt Recordings

….to know a label better, you have to listen to the label, mixed by who runs the label – everything is

about the “label”

Session 2 —> Affekt Recordings mixed by Alex Dolby


Out Now On Digital – Funk You Records 023

Artist: Giordanø
Title: Life in a Month
Label: Funk You
Cat: FYR023
Release Date: 07 March 2017

1: Bank Of Fog
2: I Was Running Around The Police Car
3: Into The Line
4: Marta’s Hill

Funk You quickly established itself through the Italian scene, since it formed as a djs and party promoters collective. Funk You is coming out with the first release signed by Giordanø, with four masterpieces.

Played and supported by: Chris Liebing, Dax J, Jonas Kopp, Henning Baer, Cio D’Or, Eric Cloutier, Setaoc Mass, SHDW, Cleric, ATEQ, Regal, Jeroen Search, Juho Kusti, Kessell, Abstract Division, Amotik, Tensal, Alex Dolby, Philippe Petit, Arnaud Le Texier, Alland Byallo, Xpansul, Takaaki Itoh and more.


Out Now On Digital – LIMITED.G. 011

Artists: BOOZ, Unbekannt, Couch Lock, Quentin Chei
Title: 11
Format: Digital
Catalogue: LIMITEDG011
Release Date: 07 March 2017

2: Unbekannt
3: Couch Lock
4: Quentin Chei

Functional techno !!

Played and supported by: Chris Liebing, Inigo Kennedy, Rødhåd, Kr!z, Dj Deep, Dax J, Answer Code Request, Henning Baer, Cleric, Gonno, Etapp Kyle, Spencer Parker, Pfirter, Kyle Geiger, Amotik, Kirk Degiorgio, Takaaki Itoh, Joachim Spieth, Alex Dolby, Florian Meindl, Juho Kusti, Boston 168, Nihad Tule, Alland Byallo, Arnaud Le Texier and more.


Out Now On 2xCD – OVUNQVE VA002

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Deepwater Compilation Vol. II
Catalogue: OVQVA002
Format: 2xCD
Release Date: 6 March 2017


1: Svart1 – Tali al Shaulah
2: Electric Indigo – Settanta
3: Retina.it – Tintinnabulum
4: Fjäder – Ayizan
5: Marco Cassanelli – Modular
6: Hydrangea – There And Nowhere
7: Roberto Clementi – Expect To Grow Old
8: Massimo Amato – Soulfullness

1: Andaman aka Synthek – Soave
2: Shaded Explorer – Seeking Serenity
3: Ruhig – Clouds
4: Exilles – Cognitione
5: Sonitus Eco – Natural Flow
6: Astronomy Domine – Coma
7: Pacou – 803
8: Dorian Gray – Vesta

“Across the European Atlas of seas comes a tonic of wildness and the erratic force of nature; mysterious and unexplorable, unsurveyed and unfathomed. Deepwaters. A touch of warmth from the alpenglow eminates within. Peaks and valleys of this oblivion, desolate, cold and remote. At the base of the crevasse, hydrologic connection. Deepwaters.
“Deepwater Compilation Vol.2”, a compilation featuring Europe’s finest in ambient, experimental and hypnotic techno soundscapes”

Played and supported by: DVS1, Jonas Kopp, Cio D’Or, Dax J, Norman Nodge, Eric Cloutier, Jeroen Search, ATEQ, Dimi Angelis, SHDW, Vincent Neumann, Kessell, Shlømo, Exium, Boston 168, Tensal, Israel Vines, Angel Molina, Abstract Division, Arnaud Le Texier, Alland Byallo, Antonio De Angelis, Alex Dolby, Gotshell and more.