Out Now On Vinyl – Attic 015

Artist: Conrad Van Orton
Title: Hypersomnia
Label: Attic
Format: 12’’ VINYL
Cat. number: ATTIC015
Release date: 30 June 2017
Distribution: Triple Vision (NL)

A1: Hypersomnia
A2: Green Eyes
B1: Iteration
B2: Ending Point

Conrad Van Orton debuts on Attic Music for the 15th installment of label. ‘Hypersomnia’ is a collection of haunting techno tracks that sit on the darker side of the genre’s spectrum without loosing it’s dance floor appeal.
The 4 track spanning record opens up with the title track ”Hypersomnia” though techno sounds that revolve around a train-like whistle that repeats throughout the track’s poignantbuild. ”Green Eyes” is an intrusive piece of work that closes down the A-side with it’s intense synth works. On the B side we find ”Iteration”. This growling piece of music has an almost live sounding quality to it. ”Ending Point” is the toughest piece of work of the record which revolves around a fierce bass sound and a potent drum work.

Played and supported by: Len Faki, Marcel Dettmann, Oscar Mulero, Chris Liebing, DVS1, Henning Baer, Bas Mooy, Dax J, Answer Code Request, Kr!z, Freddy K, Pfirter, Neel, Audio Injection/Truncate, Shlømo, Samuli Kemppi, Electric Indigo, SHDW, Jeroen Search, Claudio PRC, Amotik, Vincent Neumann, Kessell, Donor, Florian Meindl, AWB, Alex.Do, Juho Kusti, Arnaud Le Texier, Lenny Posso, Takaaki Itoh and more.

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PREMIERE: Boston 168 / Fabrizio Lapiana Remix – Khidi Raver (Attic 016)

After their highly regarded debut on Attic Music called ”Laq 02” back in May 2016 Boston 168 are back with a 4-track spanning release named ”Khidi Raver”. Again, the Italian duo delivers a well balanced release that cleverly touches different sides of modern day Techno music. From the slow paced chug ”Khidi Raver” to the emotive tones of ”Blu Bridge”, the A-side already showcases the duo’s versatile pallette.
On the B-side we find an acidic growler named ”J The Master” which is heavy arms material for the festival season. Label owner Fabrizio Lapiana offers a haunting remix of ”Khidi Raver” to close down the record.

Available as 12“ vinyl

Release Date: 28 July 2017

Attic Music Boston 168 Fabrizio Lapiana


Out Now On Vinyl – SENSOR 003

Artist: Brian Sanhaji
Title: Multiverse
Format: 12” VINYL / Digital
Catalogue: SEN003
Release Date: Vinyl 27 June 2017, Digital 07 July 2017
Distribution: DBH //

A1: Centroplex
A2: Tachocline
B1: Observer
B2: Observer (Dub)

Brian is about to open up his „Multiverse“ to us and proves again his outstanding skills on his modular gear. This time you will listen to tracks off the regular four to floor DJ-tool. Focusing on melody structures, this EP is right in time to kick off the festival session.
Spaced out, sequence driven analog techno

Available as 12“ & digital download

Played and supported by: Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Jonas Kopp, Bas Mooy, Freddy K, Pfirter, Norman Nodge, Somewhen, Etapp Kyle, Anetha, Donor, Vincent Neumann, Amotik, Juho Kusti, Nihad Tule, NX1, Takaaki Itoh, Kirk Degiorgio, Adriana Lopez, Florian Meindl, Arnaud Le Texier, AWB, PVS, Raphael Dincsoy, Alex.Do, Aiken and more.

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Out Now On Vinyl – Steinlach 001

Artist: Wice
Title: Hedonism
Label: Steinlach
Format: 12” Vinyl
Catalogue: STEIN001
Release date: June 2017
Distribution: Triple Vision (NL)

A1: Just Kiddin’
A2: When legs are broken, things have to be done
B1: Hedonism
B2: Blind certainty

Hedonism in its purest form means nothing but adjusting one’s life and ambition towards pleasure and joy as well as the prevention of pain and sorrow. Following that concept, Wice’s first EP takes the listener along on a journey of extremes: persistently strolling between sensual desire, ecstasy and lust as well as the deepest abysses of human sensitivities.
Coherently, just kiddin drags the listener right into Wice’s universe of fabulous oppositions without any prior warning: the Peak Time Killer, inspired by the love of Detroit Techno of the 90ies, exhibits irrepressible energy, velocity and surprising twists and turns. Driven by the progressive drive of the drum patterns, the voyager, trapped in a mesh of percussions, wanders confused and disoriented on dance floors looking for support and, as if out of the blue, finally gets released by the warm synthline and gently taken by the hand. Simply just kiddin.
When legs are broken, things have to be done can be described as a small masterpiece of urban, intelligent dance music. The composition, which ranges in between complexity and simplicity, with its breaking beats in combination with spheric pads shows up the necessity that one should, despite setbacks, consistently remind oneself that life, love and music reveal their most beautiful aspects in a balanced and smooth flow.
The eponymous track hedonism draws a painting of obscure and rugged techno landscapes, which attract the listener magically, even though their beauty and grace can only be assumed at first glance. Once identified, the shimmering pads, the forceful bassline and the impulsive percussions unfold a world riddled with the most beautiful abysses and animality – hedonism in its purest and most sinful form alike.
With blind certainty a downtempo piece rounds off the EP, which is supposed to be comprehended as a reminder for all hedonists that blind trust may have positive as well as negative consequences.
The hopeful basic mood of the song, however, always lets the light at the end of the tunnel shine through, which emphasizes the optimistic exit of Wice’s world of hedonism.

Played and supported by: Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing, DVS1, Dj Pete, Answer Code Request, Kr!z, Henning Baer, Dj Deep, Jonas Kopp, DJ Hyperactive, Freddy K, Drumcell, Psyk, Francois X, ATEQ, Jeroen Search, Setaoc Mass, Antigone, Etapp Kyle, Vincent Neumann, CTRLS, Kwartz, Anetha, Amotik, Eric Cloutier, Raphael Dincsoy, AWB, Florian Meindl, PVS, Takaaki Itoh and more.

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Asteroid Records is ready to deliver the fourth release

In the positively disturbing titular opener Duvell, Petrosino combines walls of dense noise, short bursts of claps and alarming bleeps with acid-soaked kicks, creating a sensation of being on bumpy ride to a hospital, while lying half-conscious, hooked to heart-rate indicators that are going crazy. As the ride to the hospital reaches conclusion, time comes for a cranial surgery: in Enable, abrasive open hats and samples of breathing ghosts cross with wildly arpeggiated acid basslines, all running above mind-numbing, reverberated kicks that pause for short periods of time in order to leave the listener with a few healthy brain cells. Reworking Duvell, Luciano Lamanna pulled no punches-warped acid coats the kicks all the more, and with evident EBM inclinations this rearrangement will work at either side of the fence, be it the techno session or a body music event of the highest order. Lastly, Blasted gives Enable a little restrain and some significant syncopation, accentuating high range and reprogramming the kicks to run in pairs.

Available as Digital

Release Date: 17 July 2017

Asteroid Records Domenico Petrosino


PREMIERE: Motionen / Claudio PRC RMX / Christian Gerlach RMX ( 009)

The 9th release of will present you the sound of the Los Angeles based duo Motionen.

The audio/visual project created by Carlos Matamoros (a.k.a Altrd Being) and Matt Salamone presents its solid reputations on dancefloors throughout the City of Angels with growing response and more shows to follow at the whole us ground and over it boundaries. Furthermore they founded their own label Ascetic Limited last year with a very promising path already.

Also we are glad to welcome back Claudio PRC for a interpretation of Motionens ‘Erudito’. Claudio is part of since the very first release and so a inherent part for

The other version for the track ‘Balance Theory’ comes by Christian Gerlach

Cover – Photography and Press : Christian Gerlach

Available as 12“ & digital download

Release Date: 3 July 2017

Out Now On Vinyl – High Mobility Weapons Unit 003

Artist: High Mobility Weapons Unit
Title: Mega Particle Cannon EP
Label: High Mobility Weapons Unit
Catalogue: HMWU003
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Release Date: June 2017

A1. Mega Particle Cannon
A2. Cut
B1. The Fourth Seal
B2. Cycle 140

High Mobility Weapons Unit’s third outing on the imprint takes it deep into enemy territory on a reconnaissance mission. The ‘Mega Particle Cannon EP’ contains four diverse techno weapons spanning stripped-down tools, otherworldly bleeps and 140bpm workouts.
Mastered by Steve @ Black Monolith Studios.

Played and supported by: Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing, DVS1, Dj Pete, Henning Baer, Jonas Kopp, Perc, Norman Nodge, Pär Grindvik, Dustin Zahn, Pfirter, Answer Code Request, Freddy K, Developer, Francois X, Jeroen Search, Somewhen, Audio Injection/Truncate, Truss, CTRLS, Regal, Invite, Vincent Neumann, AWB, Nihad Tule, Florian Meindl, Arnaud Le Texier, Juho Kusti, Aiken, PVS and more.

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Out Now On Vinyl – KEY Vinyl LTD 002

Artist: Freddy K
Remixer: PVS
Title: Devo Andare 2017
Label: KEY Vinyl
Format: 12” Vinyl
Catalogue: KEYVINYLLTD002
Release date: 25 May 2017

A1: Freddy K – Devo Andare XXX 2017
B1: Freddy K – Devo Andare (PVS rework)
B2: Freddy K – Devo Andare (Original Mix 2017)

“In the beginning this track was a joke during a crazy moment of my life…
Now it is time to repress and prepare a new version to play.
Completely different , completely new… dangerous for your state of mind on the dancefloor.
My buddy PVS will prepare another outstanding modern version.”
Freddy K

Played and supported by: Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing, DVS1, Dax J, Dj Deep, Answer Code Request, Kobosil, ROD, Henning Baer, Norman Nodge, Perc, Drumcell, Antigone, Dustin Zahn, Rebekah, Anthony Parasole, Jeroen Search, Phase, Cleric, Boris, Setaoc Mass, Etapp Kyle, Regal, Electric Indigo, Kyle Geiger, Oliver Deutschmann, SHDW, Amotik, Anetha, Kwartz, Vincent Neumann, Fabrizio Lapiana, Takaaki Itoh, Abstract Division, I/Y, AWB, Thomas Hessler, Gotshell, Joachim Spieth, Juho Kusti, Raphael Dincsoy, Unbalance, Arnaud Le Texier, DJ Emerson and more.

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“Leather, Steel & Fist” / September 2017

Freddy K announces the new project “Leather, Steel & Fist” on his Facebook page.

Leather, Steel & Fist from Leather, Steel & Fist on Vimeo.

“Leather,Steel & Fist”
It is the celebration of a state of mind, a sexual taste, an open vision, a certain freedom, a specific place.

The project is composed by three releases vinyl only.
In details: first release LEATHER, second STEEL and third FIST.
One different artist for each release.

Video : Søren Drastrup
Model : Santiago Moro Lambert
Styling : Andrei Yakovlev Mich

Stay Tuned !!

Freddy K

Gravitational 003 “Sail Over The Eastern Horizon” – Hanker / Blind Observatory Remix

Features two spaced-out ambient cuts from Tbilisi-based artist Hanker. A must for all sci-fi soundtrack enthusiasts out there. Comes with a stellar Blind Observatory treatment on the flip side and a printed 21x21cm artwork.

Available as 12“

Release Date: June 2017

Artist: Hanker
Remixer: Blind Observatory
Title: Sail Over The Eastern Horizon
Format: 12” VINYL ONLY
Label: Gravitational
Catalogue: GRAL003
Release Date: June 2017
Distribution: Decks (D)

A1: Hanker – Sail Over The Eastern Horizon (Original Mix)
A2: Hanker – Waxing Gibbus
B1: Hanker – Sail Over The Eastern Horizon (Blind Observatory Remix)

Gravitational Blind Observatory Hanker