Out Now On Vinyl – Ravage White Series 004

Artist: Induction
Remixers: Zadig, Birth of Frequency, As Patria, Samuli Kemppi, Tadeo
Title: Liturgical Hymns Remixes
Format: 12” VINYL + digital
Label: Ravage White Series
Catalogue: RWS004
Release Date: 20 April 2018
Distribution: N.E.W.S. distribution

A1: Theological Explanation (Zadig remix)
A2: Epitrachelion (Birth of Frequency remix)

B1: Oxygen Swamp (As Patria remix)
B2: Back in my Amnesia (Samuli Kemppi remix)
B3: Theological Explanation (Tadeo remix)



Induction’s Remix EP can be considered as a true Ravage family affair. The EP starts and ends with takes on Theological Explanation; Tadeo delivers an hypnotic version with a lot of drive, and – it may sound counterintuitive – Zadig dives into the deep as well, with an outstanding, euphoric and ethereal mix. Both tracks turn out to be quite true-to-self reworks of the offbeat original. On A2, Birth of Frequency altered the ambient intro Epitrachelion into a soft, melodic, functional electro track that oozes refinement and a bit nostalgic comfort.

The B-side starts with As Patria’s signature sound, giving a new interpretation to a previously unreleased production called Oxygen Swamp. Melancholic hisses, softly rattling hats and light synth-work all contribute to the overall feeling of their remix. The same goes for Samuli Kemppi, who took on Back in my Amnesia, giving it the ghetto-house-treatment, indulged with rave influences.

Played and supported by: Laurent Garnier, DVS1, Marcel Dettmann, Rødhåd, Dax J, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Shifted, Kr!z, Henning Baer, Freddy K, Francois X, Svreca, Terence Fixmer, Norman Nodge, Cassegrain, Etapp Kyle, Antigone, Electric Indigo, Developer, Subjected, Jonas Kopp, Jeroen Search, DJ Hyperactive, Eric Cloutier, Drumcell, Truncate, Takaaki Itoh, Sandrien, Colin Dale, Nihad Tule, Tensal, Exium, Dimi Angelis, Amotik, PVS, Benjamin Damage, Samuel L Session, Vincent Neumann, Juho Kusti, Claire Morgan, Aiken, Volte-Face, Wrong Assessment,  Joachim Spieth, Donor, Alfredo Mazzilli and more.

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