Ravage White Series 004 is ready !!

Induction’s Remix EP can be considered as a true Ravage family affair. The EP starts and ends with takes on Theological Explanation; Tadeo delivers an hypnotic version with a lot of drive, and – it may sound counterintuitive – Zadig dives into the deep as well, with an outstanding, euphoric and ethereal mix. Both tracks turn out to be quite true-to-self reworks of the offbeat original. On A2, Birth of Frequency altered the ambient intro Epitrachelion into a soft, melodic, functional electro track that oozes refinement and a bit nostalgic comfort.

The B-side starts with As Patria’s signature sound, giving a new interpretation to a previously unreleased production called Oxygen Swamp. Melancholic hisses, softly rattling hats and light synth-work all contribute to the overall feeling of their remix. The same goes for Samuli Kemppi, who took on Back in my Amnesia, giving it the ghetto-house-treatment, indulged with rave influences.

Release Date 20 April 2018 – 12″ Vinyl / Digital

Ravage Induction Zadig Tadeo Samuli Kemppi Birth of Frequency As Patria