Listen one minute from the forthcoming Aconito LTD 009 by Violet Poison and OTS 44

Second vinyl after the long break introduce a new artist working with the label, Violet Poison with his particular EBM sound, already known for his own project, Veleno Viola. The record also includes 2 remix/tools of OTS 44. Violet Poison tracks are his own personality with acidic arpeggios and post punk screams giving to the tracks a new fresh identity. OTS 44 push forward the classic 303 acid sound giving a new interpretation of the Violet tracks.
AC009 LTD – Alien Gardens

A1 – Violet Poison – Enemy
A2 – OTS 44 – Tool 1
B1 – Violet Poison – Unknown
B2 – OTS 44 – Tool 2

LISTEN  1 minute of the B1 by Violet Poison: