Drone Division on Distorted Perception 008

Drone Division, a project started in 2015, does not concentrate on a person itself but rather focuses on a disembodied persona generated by abstract electronic sounds.

This pulls the listener into a dark mood, allowing him to let go, constantly getting caught in a dense energetic bubble. Extensive tension curves, slowly rising up to their explicit climax, discharge in their origin, while a combination of experimental soundscapes float over an unwavering kick foundation.
The unusual interplay between noisy synth structures and rattling percussive elements bears the complete sonorous mania: always luring, but never fully redeeming itself.

Storytelling is an often forgotten virtue in electronic music. This story right here is about the future, about the fragile love between man and machine.

A vision that becomes audible.

Distorted Perception 008 by Drone Division will be available as Digital

Release Date 31 August 2017

Distorted Perception Drone Division