Blasted and his experimental approach : Asteroid 005

Asteroid Records is back, decimating the speakers, crash-landing onto the dancefloors, wreaking havoc and so on. The fifth record in the digital catalog sees label’s originator Blasted taking a highly experimental approach to production, trying out irregular time signatures and breaking the notions of pace in order to achieve an output whose purpose is pure rhythmic originality.
Opener Satellite goes off-the-charts crazy with a near-gabber tempo, while UFO provides some space for contemplation with atonal melancholy, as follower Genesi lets the playful acid drip through every second of the piece, and lastly, Andromeda sees the subwoofer-threatening bass being crossed with suspensefully speeding stabs and cold ambiance. Empyrean and Alhek then provide their more straightforward, instantly effective techno reworks of Satellite and UFO respectively, while Blurred Boy offers an EMB-leaning, slow-paced remix of Genesi.

Available as Digital

Release Date 14 August 2017

Blasted Asteroid