Asteroid Records is ready to deliver the fourth release

In the positively disturbing titular opener Duvell, Petrosino combines walls of dense noise, short bursts of claps and alarming bleeps with acid-soaked kicks, creating a sensation of being on bumpy ride to a hospital, while lying half-conscious, hooked to heart-rate indicators that are going crazy. As the ride to the hospital reaches conclusion, time comes for a cranial surgery: in Enable, abrasive open hats and samples of breathing ghosts cross with wildly arpeggiated acid basslines, all running above mind-numbing, reverberated kicks that pause for short periods of time in order to leave the listener with a few healthy brain cells. Reworking Duvell, Luciano Lamanna pulled no punches-warped acid coats the kicks all the more, and with evident EBM inclinations this rearrangement will work at either side of the fence, be it the techno session or a body music event of the highest order. Lastly, Blasted gives Enable a little restrain and some significant syncopation, accentuating high range and reprogramming the kicks to run in pairs.

Available as Digital

Release Date: 17 July 2017

Asteroid Records Domenico Petrosino