PREMIERE: Various Artists – Aurora EP – Raw Imprint 003

Felix Fleer starts of the A-side by exploring his roots in classical music through implementing a grand piano into a rhythmically challenging yet hypnotic techno weapon in an seemingly effortless manner. Jonas Landwehr continues diving deeper into his fascination for airy pad sounds and unique percussion styles that are not less silky than they are warm and powerful. Rythen closes the A-side with an electrifying and stomping floorkiller. Under their Environ. moniker Rythen & Felix Fleer open up the B-side by revisiting the previously encountered piano theme in a more club oriented way. The last words on this release are spoken by Alderaan, one of the most promising newcomers of the currently flourishing techno scene from Buenos Aires. With ‘Clarity’ he delivers a tooly, yet psychedelic techno trip.

Available on 12″ Vinyl / Digital

Release Date 05 May 2017