Out Now On 2xCD – OVUNQVE VA002

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Deepwater Compilation Vol. II
Catalogue: OVQVA002
Format: 2xCD
Release Date: 6 March 2017


1: Svart1 – Tali al Shaulah
2: Electric Indigo – Settanta
3: Retina.it – Tintinnabulum
4: Fjäder – Ayizan
5: Marco Cassanelli – Modular
6: Hydrangea – There And Nowhere
7: Roberto Clementi – Expect To Grow Old
8: Massimo Amato – Soulfullness

1: Andaman aka Synthek – Soave
2: Shaded Explorer – Seeking Serenity
3: Ruhig – Clouds
4: Exilles – Cognitione
5: Sonitus Eco – Natural Flow
6: Astronomy Domine – Coma
7: Pacou – 803
8: Dorian Gray – Vesta

“Across the European Atlas of seas comes a tonic of wildness and the erratic force of nature; mysterious and unexplorable, unsurveyed and unfathomed. Deepwaters. A touch of warmth from the alpenglow eminates within. Peaks and valleys of this oblivion, desolate, cold and remote. At the base of the crevasse, hydrologic connection. Deepwaters.
“Deepwater Compilation Vol.2”, a compilation featuring Europe’s finest in ambient, experimental and hypnotic techno soundscapes”

Played and supported by: DVS1, Jonas Kopp, Cio D’Or, Dax J, Norman Nodge, Eric Cloutier, Jeroen Search, ATEQ, Dimi Angelis, SHDW, Vincent Neumann, Kessell, Shlømo, Exium, Boston 168, Tensal, Israel Vines, Angel Molina, Abstract Division, Arnaud Le Texier, Alland Byallo, Antonio De Angelis, Alex Dolby, Gotshell and more.