PREMIERE: OTS 44, Oxar Zero, Casual Violence – Cassiopeia A – Aconito Records LTD 008

After a long break Aconito Records is back on Vinyl with a joint release from the two label owners, Andrea and Nicola Ruffino, and a remix from Casual Violence is included in the Ep. Andrea Ruffino aka nAX_Acid is introducing he’s own exclusive Aconito Records project OTS 44, inspired from a rogue planet discovered in 1998, and also introducing his new vision. Nicola Ruffino as well is presenting his new project, Oxar Zero. The vinyl itself includes a track from OTS 44, Cassioeia A, a dark and acid post techno track imprinted on a futuristic vision, acid and atmospheres to create a dark voyage into this supernova. Oxar Zero is on the flip side with a heavier track still acidic and dark, it is possible to feel the fluency of the photon’s waves that the supernova emit. Also Casual Violence on the same side with his own stamp, with a break pulsating remix of Cassiopeia A.

Available on 12″ Vinyl

Release Date 3 April 2017