Front Left Records 02

Out Now On Vinyl – Front Left Records 02

Artist: Daito / Elad Magdasi
Title: Front Left Records 02
Format: 12” VINYL
Label: Front Left Records
Catalogue: FLR02
Release Date: 27 June 2016
Distribution: 712 Distribution – Berlin

A1: Daito – Gamble
A2: Daito – Breach
B1: Elad Magdasi – Hell Strike
B2: Elad Magdasi – Love Attack

The second release presents a new front left artist – Daito (Lenny Jäzosch).
Daito is the Japanese term for different kinds of swords, used by samurais.
This describes his sharp and detailed sound without the lack of emotions & soul. Being a regular raver, his productions are dance floor motivated, containing special moments that can be felt when you are dancing to it. His influence comes from an earlier style of techno with a raw and inspiring sound.
On the B-side, you will find Elad Magdasi – a regular front left raver who debuted on the first release(Finger Trip EP). His style is classic, diverse and 90s influenced. Elad is returning with two different types of techno creations.

The Music:
We could say that each side of the vinyl supplies two sides of the artists:
Daito – Gamble, the debut track we just had to put on wax. An intense synth/pad journey with an angelic
feeling to it.
Daito – Breach, the more evil one, with a sneaky lead followed by rushing beats and pumping energy.
Elad Magdasi – Hell Strike, bringing back the 90s raves with a non-stopping arpeggiator and all-open 909s.
Elad Magdasi – Love Attack, telling a story of two synths which fell in love, with stabby hits and heavy beats.

Played and supported by: Laurent Garnier, Luke Slater, Dj Pete, Answer Code Request, Audio Injection/Truncate, Developer, Freddy K, Blind Observatory, Ryan James Ford, Regal, Milton Bradley, Alex. Do, CTRLS, Benjamin Damage, PVS, Arnaud Le Texier, Philippe Petit, Polar Inertia, Takaaki Itoh, Kwartz, Vincent Neumann, NX1, Ian Void, Juho Kusti, Krenzlin, Sinfol, Raphael Dincsoy, Angel Molina, Kirk Degiorgio, Emmanuel Top and more.