Out Now On Vinyl – Caduceus Records 013

Artist: Weitone
Title: The Illusion of Truth and Drama
Format: 12” VINYL
Label: Caduceus Records
Catalogue: CDR013
Release Date: 13 June 2016

A1: Cracken (Original Mix)
A2: Racket (Original Mix)
B1: Touched By Light (Original Mix)
B2: Touched By Light (Basic Soul Unit Remix)

Next up on Swiss imprint, Caduceus Records, is a release veiled in secrecy and hidden behind a mask of obscurity. Whilst the producer behind the tracks remains in the backseat, the music sits at the forefront, with only itself to speak for.

First track, ‘Cracken,’ is about as skewed and wonky as you can get without the vinyl flopping off the turntable and is sure to be a test for the less adventurous DJs out there. Not surprisingly, it has already received support on Ben UFO’s Hessle show on Rinse FM (played by Welfare). A syncopated rhythm, off-kilter arrangement and stumbling samples throw this track off its hinges, with only the pummelling kicks and an expansive, space-like padded-tapestry to glue it all together.

‘Racket’ plunges for a deeper, submerged dub-techno atmosphere that shimmers under its many layers as it grinds back and forth. Similarly, ‘Touched By Light’ keeps things buried in a fathoms-deep pool of atmosphere as mechanical vocal samples emerge and subside around the chugging rhythms and faltering percussive loops.

The whole package is finished off perfectly with a remix from Canadian techno master, Basic Soul Unit, who throws ‘Touched By Light’ into more regulated form, ready for the floor, with solid grooves and a hardy techno backbone.

Weitone is a project that relies on its contrasts – a continual zigzag-ing between one and the other – in your face whilst hidden and restrained, cold and metallic but also warm and cinematic. Somewhere in this obscurity there is solace and something to be found. Seek and you shall find.

Played and supported by: Inigo Kennedy, Dj Pete, Anthony Parasole, Kobosil, Marcel Fengler, Norman Nodge, Jonas Kopp, Audio Injection/Truncate, Henning Baer, Eric Cloutier, Thomas Hessler, Alex.Do, Aiken, Unbalance, Vincent Neumann, Takaaki Itoh, DJ Emerson, Angel Molina, Kwartz, Arnaud Le Texier, Ryan James Ford, Joachim Spieth, Invite, Regal, Juho Kusti, John Selway, Tomaz, Anastasia Kristensen, Pangaea and more.