IY Staub 001

Out Now On Vinyl – I/Y Staub 001

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Staub 01
Format: 12” VINYL
Label: I/Y
Catalogue: IYSTB001
Release Date: 06 May 2016
Distribution: 712 Distribution (Berlin)


To commemorate the coming of the first Staub EP, you are respectfully enjoined to read out loud the few following words from the book of Staub, traditionally chanted one saturday every month in Berlin.
Music to music, techno to techno, Staub to Staub.

Split-color vinyl. Techno // Staub // Vinyl

Played and supported by: Marcel Dettmann, Answer Code Request, Inigo Kennedy, DJ Hyperactive, Norman Nodge, Markus Suckut, Jonas Kopp, Tommy Four Seven, Drumcell, Samuli Kemppi, Pfirter, Svreca, Audio Injection/Truncate, Neel, Dustin Zahn, Pär Grindvik, Freddy K, Cio D’Or, Eric Cloutier, Alex.Do, Unbalance, Ryan James Ford, Francois X, Oliver Deutschmann, Dimi Angelis, Electric Indigo, Antigone, Benjamin Damage, Psyk, Kwartz, Rebekah, SHDW, Exium, Tom Dicicco, PVS, Vincent Neumann, Anastasia Kristensen, Juho Kusti, Etapp Kyle, Invite, Joachim Spieth, Philippe Petit, Donor, Angel Molina, Arnaud Le Texier, Anetha, Mary Velo, Raphael Dincsoy, Setaoc Mass and more.