Modulhertz 006

Out Now On Digital – Modulhertz 006

Artist: Dj Onktion
Title: Octavia EP
Label: Modulhertz
Catalogue: MDHZ06
Release Date: 31 March 2016

- Handless
- Octavia
- Waver
- Sunday

For the next upcoming Modulhertz records , Tuttle & Chich invite Dj Onktion to join the Modulhertz team.
For his first production Dj Onktion gives us 4 hitting techno track , that will make you travel on the dancefloor around at the same time dynamic, dark & hypnotic atmosphere .
“Handless” deep atmosphere with a leading reverb who bring you into a spacial mood
“Octavia” Leaving listener’s first foot in a strange and cold planet ! Strong melodic patch on pitch modulation .A part of mystery on true basic techno spirit.
“Waver” definitely a proper techno track..! it’s time to dance , time to think, time to make good choices.
The final track “Sunday” rounds out the EP so Party isn’t over yet, Stay between light and shadows world.
Once again this EP should improve the reputation of Modulhertz and the best’s still to come …Stay Tuned!!

Played and supported by: Ben Sims, Dasha Rush, Zadig, Rebekah, Cleric, Drumcell, Eric Cloutier, Electric Indigo, Audio Injection/Truncate, Developer, Kyle Geiger, Milton Bradley, I/Y, Etapp Kyle, Charlton, Emmanuel Top, H├ęctor Oaks, PVS, Anastasia Kristensen, DJ Emerson, Arnaud Le Texier, Andrea Belluzzi, Exium, Ryuji Takeuchi, Raphael Dincsoy, Alex. Do and more.