FOCUS ON: MTD (Sonntag Morgen)

How was born Sonntag Morgen?
The Idea was born some years ago, by me and my friend Tracy, around september 2010. After a period where experimenting our productions we decided to start with this project. The first ep was released in february 2011.

How is born MTD ?
The name MTD was born about 4 years ago. Is an abbreviation of “method”, i choose this name because i want to express my method, my way, of making music. In the beginning when i started to play music i haven’t an artist name, i started to have it when i began to make music.

MTD’s background.
In the beginning one of the artist that impressed me was Plastikman, but generally i was always influenced by dark sonorities. Currently there are a lot of artist and label that inspired me and my productions.

Analogue or digital?
At the moment i haven’t a favorite between Analog and digital, i love vinyl since i started to play music, but i think that nowadays with digital technologies you can create an amazing set with an unlimited variety of sounds and combinations. About vinyl i think are the true soul of the music, so personally is really hard to choose a favorite

Future projects of Sonntag Morgen.
With Sonntag we have some really great projects in regards gigs and releases. For example we have two showcases in may, one in Naples and one in Lyon. About releases we have our first vinyl release from me and Tracy, ready to out this summer.

Future projects of MTD.
I have a lot of upcoming releases, some of them will be on vinyl. Also in the next months will out some interesting collaborations between me and arists like Conrad Van Orton, Tracy or others. And obviously as i said before i will play in the next sonntag morgen showcases.

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Tosi – Dizzy (MTD drone edit)
SHXCXCHCXSH – rrrrgrrgrrr [Subsist]
Edit Select & Dustin Zahn – Tunnels Pt. 1 [Enemy]
Scam – Reflex light (Ness lights off remix) [CRS Recordings]
N.d – Concept 1.1 [Trivmvirate]
Jeroen Search – Observation [Subsist]
Hans Bouffmyhre – Hypnosis (beat tool) [Electric Deluxe]
MTD – Eisen [CRS Recordings]
Error Etica – Panicillin (Agony Forces rework) [Psychoskunk]
Terence Fixmer – When the Heart [Electric Deluxe]
Shapednoise – Lightness [Key Vinyl]]
Kwartz – Untitled Scene [Shapeless]
Abstract Division – Deformation (Norman Nodge remix) [Dynamin Reflection]
Andrea Belluzzi – A1 [Groove Platz]
Cleric – Musk [Archetypes]
D. Nemets – Elemental (Conrad Van Orton remix) [Key digital]
Unam Zetineb – Agmattore [Sonntag Morgen]
MTD – Motion (Dub Tool) [Sonntag Morgen Vinyl preview]