Forward Strategy Group on the next Ravage Black Series 002

For the second release on their Black Series, Ravage invited electronic music veterans Al Matthews and Patrick Walker to team up under their Forward Strategy Group moniker. The last release of these legends was quite a few years ago, but the wait was worth it. Their East Port Rangers EP kicks-off with Nine and One, a hypnotic, heavy-loaded stomper containing some uplifting, loopy vocals. Following is the most minimalistic track of the EP, Lisp Your Way, yet it still has a lot of substantial punch and lash to it.

The B-side starts off with heavy broken beats, combined with a classic rave sound, taking the listener back to the blistering sound of the nineties. Finally, the EP oozes down with the track In Abeyance; a haunting, down-tempo track with a melody to send shivers down your spine, which could be deemed a real creeper.

Release Date 27 February 2018 – 12″ Vinyl / Digital



Ravage Records Forward Strategy Group


Ken Karter on Future Déjà Vu 002

“The future is there…looking back at us. Trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become” William Gibson

Future Déjà Vu is a Berlin based techno label. Behind such paradoxical definition of time lies an elementary objective: the promotion of a functional sound, able to be immediately usable on a techno-floor. The immediacy of the sound becomes in turn paradox itself and its plainness turns into power.becomes in turn paradox itself and its plainness turns into power.

Release Date 05 February 2018 / 12″ Vinyl

Ken Karter

[199X] : a new label from Reykjavík and based in Copenhagen

[199X] is a new record label from Reykjavík, Iceland but based in Copenhagen, Denmark focusing on releasing electronic music by Icelandic and international artists. Each release is pressed on high quality 180g vinyl limited to 500 copies, also available digitally. Each album cover has hand drawn artwork by M. Kristensen.

Johannes LaFontaine is a dj, producer and the owner of [199X] Recordings. He started creating electronic music at the tender age of 11 and was inspired a lot by his older uncle Guðlaugur Halldór who is the other half of the Icelandic rock band Fufanu. In early 2012 LaFontaine was discovered by the legendary dub techno artist Arnviður Snorrason better known as Exos.

The first release on [199X] is from a musician born in Zürich, Switzerland who’s name is Mateo Hurtado. For the last 2 years Hurtado has been posting tracks and live improvisations on Youtube and Soundcloud made with his modular and hardware gear as well playing all over Europe. This EP by Hurtado includes four tracks recorded live with heavy bass, dark-atmospheric repetitive sounds that make the perfect experimental ambient techno with minimal post processing.



PVS in full effect on H.omevvork Digital Series 002

PVS in full effect !!

Release Date 25 November 2017 / Digital

PVS H.omevvork


New Christian Gerlach solo EP on his own Lanthan.audio

The next strut of Lanthan.audio comes from curator Christian Gerlach himself. After an intense episode of exploring human architecture, it is time to open a new chapter and devote itself to the far more complex and graceful architecture of nature. With this five original tracks Christian shows the diversity of his productions facets and ranks in the series of his label.

Release Date 17 November 2017 / 12″ VINYL

Lanthan.audio Christian Gerlach


PREMIERE: KEY Leather, Steel & Fist 1 “LEATHER” – Repro

“It is the celebration of a state of mind, a sexual taste, an open vision, a certain freedom, a specific place.”

The project is composed by three releases
In details: first release LEATHER, second STEEL and third FIST.
One different artist for each release.

The first artist is Repro from Denmark !!

Release Date 21 November 2017 / 12” VINYL + maxi picture by Søren Drastrup + leather insert

KEY Vinyl Repro


Listen the preview of “Extracts Vol.1″ (Lanthan.audio 010)

Mike Parker Jeff Derringer Echologist Deepbass Christian Gerlach Milton Bradley Motionen Edit Select


Attic 017: Synthek + Antigone Remix

Berlin based producer ”Synthek” is a renowned name within contemporary Techno. Besides succesfully running his label Natch Records, he has been also a resident at the infamous Tresor.
For the seventeenth installment in the string of Attic Music releases, Synthek (Luca Landolfi) comes up with a staggering EP that contains a lot of adventurous drum patterns, bold arrangements and swells of daring FX.
On the A side we find ”Loser”, which is a brave cut of spherical yet moody techno that uses a buldging percussion line and otherwordly fx to create an ominous vibe. ”Uneven Mind” is an exotic cut with tough drum sounds that uses a hypnotic synth swell that cuts throughout to create an alarming atmosphere. French producer and Concrete resident Antigone comes up with an uplifting (eight minutes long) remix for ”Uneven Mind” on the B side which is beautifully orchastrated throughout.
”Faithless”is a percussive cut with intense FX blips.

Release Date 27th October 2017 / 12″ Vinyl

Attic Music Synthek Antigone


Mike Parker, Milton Bradley, Echologist, Edit Select and more on Lanthan.audio 010 !!

Lanthan.Audios 10th release extracts and converts to a piece of music where label-known souls join together to celebrate the jubilee in a reasonable way. This sets the focus on the human form and thereby Lanthan presents itself in a new vestment for this anniversary. The architecture of mother nature.


A1: Jeff Derringer – FM-324
A2: Mike Parker – Lady Thetis
A3: Christian Gerlach – The Wipe Out
A4: Edit Select – Midnight At The Electric

B1: Motionen – Distant Voices
B2: Milton Bradley – Monochromatic
B3: Echologist – Thrust
B4: Deepbass – Ad Astra

Release Date 6ht October 2017 / 12″ Vinyl





AFU Limited welcomes Ignøranz

In the artists own words :
Ignorance is sometimes a bliss, an attitude and a in this case, Ignørance is also a project.

These days – when it s more about name dropping, balling, image, airs and graces – it´s time for something different.

Ignørance is a dedication to bring back the focus just on music without the fuzz.
No shameless self promotion or boast.

This is why the artist behind the project wants to keep his name secret and you focused on the music and sound ☺

So enjoy the music and party on !
We love and release on Vinyl !

Release Date 16th October 2017 / 12″ Vinyl

AFU Limited Ignøranz Soundcloud Ignøranz Facebook Page Ignøranz Instagram