The portuguese Temudo on Affekt Recordings 035

After releasing in Planet Rhythm and Synewave, the portuguese Temudo is back with his debut in Affekt, The Myst Advances EP. The 3 track EP reflects his true identity – a psychedelic philosophy that walks alongside with dancefloor attitude.

Release Date 4 September 2017

Affekt Recordings Temudo


Drone Division on Distorted Perception 008

Drone Division, a project started in 2015, does not concentrate on a person itself but rather focuses on a disembodied persona generated by abstract electronic sounds.

This pulls the listener into a dark mood, allowing him to let go, constantly getting caught in a dense energetic bubble. Extensive tension curves, slowly rising up to their explicit climax, discharge in their origin, while a combination of experimental soundscapes float over an unwavering kick foundation.
The unusual interplay between noisy synth structures and rattling percussive elements bears the complete sonorous mania: always luring, but never fully redeeming itself.

Storytelling is an often forgotten virtue in electronic music. This story right here is about the future, about the fragile love between man and machine.

A vision that becomes audible.

Distorted Perception 008 by Drone Division will be available as Digital

Release Date 31 August 2017

Distorted Perception Drone Division


PREMIERE: Four Sides 003 – Face Your Fears – Kapoor

Kapoor returns with a dynamic ep , ” I hope that the energy, time, passion and the internal meaning music has to me can be heard within the release”
Techno with a purpose…

Available as 12″ Vinyl

Release Date:  September 2017

Kapoor Four Sides


Blasted and his experimental approach : Asteroid 005

Asteroid Records is back, decimating the speakers, crash-landing onto the dancefloors, wreaking havoc and so on. The fifth record in the digital catalog sees label’s originator Blasted taking a highly experimental approach to production, trying out irregular time signatures and breaking the notions of pace in order to achieve an output whose purpose is pure rhythmic originality.
Opener Satellite goes off-the-charts crazy with a near-gabber tempo, while UFO provides some space for contemplation with atonal melancholy, as follower Genesi lets the playful acid drip through every second of the piece, and lastly, Andromeda sees the subwoofer-threatening bass being crossed with suspensefully speeding stabs and cold ambiance. Empyrean and Alhek then provide their more straightforward, instantly effective techno reworks of Satellite and UFO respectively, while Blurred Boy offers an EMB-leaning, slow-paced remix of Genesi.

Available as Digital

Release Date 14 August 2017

Blasted Asteroid


The crew from Bremen is making the step to its own label: Delusion 001

Coming up with its first VA Release, Delusion is making the step to its own label. Started in the beginning of 2016 in Bremen with a same-titled event series on different spots hosting some national and international guests, it’s now offering its own musical output. A project which isn’t bound to any specific sound, moving between ambient, drone, experimental but mainly techno, Delusion is creating unknown atmospheres. Hardware based and analog influenced structures form harsh resonator sounds in context to playful arpeggiators and deep buzzing basses on sweet acid.

Available as 12“ vinyl

Release Date: 31 July 2017


Affekt Recordings 034: Alex Dolby in full effect

A fresh release by Alex Dolby, where he shows himself in full effect.
In this release his background is well represented,
from Acid to Detroit, from SCI-FI to the modern techno.

A good example of how an artist can express all his knowledge and experience.

Release Date 27 July 2017

Affekt Recordings Alex Dolby


PREMIERE: Boston 168 / Fabrizio Lapiana Remix – Khidi Raver (Attic 016)

After their highly regarded debut on Attic Music called ”Laq 02” back in May 2016 Boston 168 are back with a 4-track spanning release named ”Khidi Raver”. Again, the Italian duo delivers a well balanced release that cleverly touches different sides of modern day Techno music. From the slow paced chug ”Khidi Raver” to the emotive tones of ”Blu Bridge”, the A-side already showcases the duo’s versatile pallette.
On the B-side we find an acidic growler named ”J The Master” which is heavy arms material for the festival season. Label owner Fabrizio Lapiana offers a haunting remix of ”Khidi Raver” to close down the record.

Available as 12“ vinyl

Release Date: 28 July 2017

Attic Music Boston 168 Fabrizio Lapiana


Asteroid Records is ready to deliver the fourth release

In the positively disturbing titular opener Duvell, Petrosino combines walls of dense noise, short bursts of claps and alarming bleeps with acid-soaked kicks, creating a sensation of being on bumpy ride to a hospital, while lying half-conscious, hooked to heart-rate indicators that are going crazy. As the ride to the hospital reaches conclusion, time comes for a cranial surgery: in Enable, abrasive open hats and samples of breathing ghosts cross with wildly arpeggiated acid basslines, all running above mind-numbing, reverberated kicks that pause for short periods of time in order to leave the listener with a few healthy brain cells. Reworking Duvell, Luciano Lamanna pulled no punches-warped acid coats the kicks all the more, and with evident EBM inclinations this rearrangement will work at either side of the fence, be it the techno session or a body music event of the highest order. Lastly, Blasted gives Enable a little restrain and some significant syncopation, accentuating high range and reprogramming the kicks to run in pairs.

Available as Digital

Release Date: 17 July 2017

Asteroid Records Domenico Petrosino


PREMIERE: Motionen / Claudio PRC RMX / Christian Gerlach RMX (Lanthan.audio 009)

The 9th release of Lanthan.audio will present you the sound of the Los Angeles based duo Motionen.

The audio/visual project created by Carlos Matamoros (a.k.a Altrd Being) and Matt Salamone presents its solid reputations on dancefloors throughout the City of Angels with growing response and more shows to follow at the whole us ground and over it boundaries. Furthermore they founded their own label Ascetic Limited last year with a very promising path already.

Also we are glad to welcome back Claudio PRC for a interpretation of Motionens ‘Erudito’. Claudio is part of since the very first release and so a inherent part for Lanthan.audio.

The other version for the track ‘Balance Theory’ comes by Christian Gerlach

Cover – Photography and Press : Christian Gerlach

Available as 12“ & digital download

Release Date: 3 July 2017


“Leather, Steel & Fist” / September 2017

Freddy K announces the new project “Leather, Steel & Fist” on his Facebook page.

Leather, Steel & Fist from Leather, Steel & Fist on Vimeo.

“Leather,Steel & Fist”
It is the celebration of a state of mind, a sexual taste, an open vision, a certain freedom, a specific place.

The project is composed by three releases vinyl only.
In details: first release LEATHER, second STEEL and third FIST.
One different artist for each release.

Video : Søren Drastrup
Model : Santiago Moro Lambert
Styling : Andrei Yakovlev Mich

Stay Tuned !!

Freddy K