The French duo Charlotte Isabelle on Lemme Records 001

Lemme Records is an electronic label that combines exploration of new sounds,cinematic landscapes with abstract and mental techno music.

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For the 1st Lemme release we introduce the french duo Charlotte Isabelle.
Hopis is a glance at the various personalities embodied in the duo, the whole being wrapped in an ethnic universe. The guideline of their second EP is to expose repetitive and percussive beats from the stage to the public, bringing the audience in a gloomy world, and keeping on their path after their first release on Lucy’s label Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Charlotte Isabelle

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Brian Sanhaji announces SENSOR 003

Brian Sanhaji announces the third release on SENSOR

with two video teaser through his own artist page on Brian Sanhaji Facebook page

more info soon…


Brian Sanhaji

Pure, unadulterated techno. Three words that perfectly describe the stunning progression, hallmark sound and promising future of production and performance mainstay Brian Sanhaji. There are a multitude of other adjectives that could be applied to Brian Sanhaji’s multi-faceted career: ‘dedicated’ to mark his 15 years on the scene; ‘raw’ for the devastating analogue beats that he regularly deploys; ‘seasoned’ in respect of his experiences as a label owner, collaborator and mastering engineer. From his first forays in Frankfurt to sets for clubs and festivals around the globe, to acclaimed releases and successes at the controls as a technician, Brian Sanhaji has always remained a beacon of commitment to the techno cause.

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PREMIERE: High Mobility Weapons Unit 003

High Mobility Weapons Unit’s third outing on the imprint takes it deep into enemy territory on a reconnaissance mission. The ‘Mega Particle Cannon EP’ contains four diverse techno weapons spanning stripped-down tools, otherworldly bleeps and 140bpm workouts.
Mastered by Steve @ Black Monolith Studios.

Available on 12″ Vinyl

Release Date June 2017

High Mobility Weapons Unit

Discovering Hedrome on Blanksheet 002

Following the opening in November, Bottom Line marks the sophomore release for the label. This one feeds on different facets of techno, coming with four diverse, aerial cuts.

Available on 12″ Vinyl

Release Date 26 May 2017

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PREMIERE: Blasted / Blush Response Remix / Unhuman Remix – Aelien I – Aelien 001

Italian artist Blasted is ready to spread his stunning music with an intense four-track EP, Aelien I. The industrial architecture of this project defines the lines of his modern techno concept. Blasted welcomes two remixes from the acclaimed, Berlin-based producers Unhuman and Blush Response. The EP goes straight to its revelation; neurotic patterns which bump into a dark misanthropy, an experimental sound that becomes more and more cryptic. The second track is a powerful remix by Blush Response and it is the result of a metallic explosion due to a mental calculation of dusty beats and low basses. Unhuman’s remix closes the EP; dark forces make it clear about the distorsion and intensity of Aelien I’s noise, techno rhythm. Welcome to a unique variation of massive techno sphere.

Available on 12″ Vinyl

Release Date 26 June 2017

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Steinlach: something new from Germany

Tübingen based record label for modern and complex electronic dance music.

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Hedonism in its purest form means nothing but adjusting one’s life and ambition towards pleasure and joy as well as the prevention of pain and sorrow. Following that concept, Wice’s first EP takes the listener along on a journey of extremes: persistently strolling between sensual desire, ecstasy and lust as well as the deepest abysses of human sensitivities.
Coherently, just kiddin drags the listener right into Wice’s universe of fabulous oppositions without any prior warning: the Peak Time Killer, inspired by the love of Detroit Techno of the 90ies, exhibits irrepressible energy, velocity and surprising twists and turns. Driven by the progressive drive of the drum patterns, the voyager, trapped in a mesh of percussions, wanders confused and disoriented on dance floors looking for support and, as if out of the blue, finally gets released by the warm synthline and gently taken by the hand. Simply just kiddin.
When legs are broken, things have to be done can be described as a small masterpiece of urban, intelligent dance music. The composition, which ranges in between complexity and simplicity, with its breaking beats in combination with spheric pads shows up the necessity that one should, despite setbacks, consistently remind oneself that life, love and music reveal their most beautiful aspects in a balanced and smooth flow.
The eponymous track hedonism draws a painting of obscure and rugged techno landscapes, which attract the listener magically, even though their beauty and grace can only be assumed at first glance. Once identified, the shimmering pads, the forceful bassline and the impulsive percussions unfold a world riddled with the most beautiful abysses and animality – hedonism in its purest and most sinful form alike.
With blind certainty a downtempo piece rounds off the EP, which is supposed to be comprehended as a reminder for all hedonists that blind trust may have positive as well as negative consequences.
The hopeful basic mood of the song, however, always lets the light at the end of the tunnel shine through, which emphasizes the optimistic exit of Wice’s world of hedonism.


PREMIERE: Freddy K / PVS rework – Devo Andare 2017 – KEY Vinyl LTD 002

“In the beginning this track was a joke during a crazy moment of my life…
Now it is time to repress and prepare a new version to play.
Completely different , completely new… dangerous for your state of mind on the dancefloor.
My buddy PVS will prepare another outstanding modern version.
So everybody are happy !! AH AH AH”
Freddy K

Available on 12″ Vinyl / NO Digital

Release Date 25 May 2017

KEY Vinyl  Freddy K PVS


PREMIERE: Elad Magdasi & Mathias Weber/Héctor Oaks/Blind Observatory-Magnet EP-FLR03

The third release is a special collaboration between Elad Magdasi & Mathias Weber.

Mathias is a devoted raver & music lover. His influences run deep into the techno & acid culture and he is addicted to groove & rhythm.
Together with Elad, who is returning the 3rd time to FLR, they present two main tracks with remixes from Hector Oaks & Blind Observatory.

The Music:
Magnetic, A real hypnotic journey, with percussive development and a rising melancholic synth.

Magnet, the groovy side of the collab, with a strong bassline puncher that keeps the dancefloor awake at all times.

Magnet (Héctor Oaks Remix), bringing the banger-mode approach, with heavy stomping bass and high energy.

Magnet (Blind Observatory Remix), this magical interpretation will send you sky high. Angelic pads and driving force which is silent but deadly.

Available on 12″ Vinyl / Digital

Release Date May 2017

Future Dèjà Vu

Madalba launches her own label: Future Déjà Vu

“The future is there…looking back at us. Trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become”

William Gibson


Future Déjà Vu is a Berlin based techno label. Behind such paradoxical definition of time lies an elementary objective: the promotion of a functional sound, able to be immediately usable on a techno-floor. The immediacy of the sound becomes in turn paradox itself and its plainness turns into power.

Artist: Transient X4
Remixer: PVS / The Plant Worker
Title: Outlaw EP
Label: Future Déjà Vu
Format: 12’’ VINYL
Cat. number: FDV001
Release date: 02 May 2017
Distribution: Ready Made Distribution (D)

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LABEL MIX: Crossing

….to know a label better, you have to listen to the label, mixed by who runs the label – everything is

about the “label”

Session 3 —> Crossing mixed by Thomas Hessler

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