PREMIERE: Agnosia / Von Grall Remix “A Dazzling Awareness” – Ephemeral Manoeuvres 002

“The Agnosia project began four years ago, they been influenced by different sound styles, from 90′s Shoegaze till contemporary Ambient and Techno.

Looking for a melancholic sound, they swim into distorted melodies, mixing progressive and quiet grooves, swallowing you to a metaphorical trip inside the mind of the main character of the story in every release, using the thoughts as the principal way of expression.

The link between music and artworks to their ephemeral manoeuvres, is the principal feature reflected on the label, practicing a musical language through walls of sound and the personal feelings of Agnosia.

In every release, Ephemeral Manoeuvres, will count with a new artist who can change the script to make a new variation for the end of the story. In “A Dazzling Awareness”, Von Grall joins the record, creating a faithless vision about the main character thoughts where he can’t feel the faith of his own desires.”


Available on 12″ Vinyl

Release Date 25 April 2017


PREMIERE: The Automatic Message – Crossing 009

The label from AVION comes with its 9th installment releasing a full Single EP from the canadian artist duo ’The Automatic Message’.
The release starts with ’Tessellation’ which brings up a dreamy atmosphere turning into a floor bomb with crashing analog snares a pushing drum and driving rides never losing its fragile built atmosphere.
The B-Side comes with a rough and storming track ’Paint by Numbers’ full of noises and driving percussions forming a killer of function to move the floor.
Closing the release with the ’Towers of Hanoi’ an acidic Techno track creating an outer space full of noises and effects for special people in special locations leaving the world to be surreal.

Available on 12″ Vinyl

Release Date 24 April 2017



PREMIERE: Fragmentor / Tobias. Remix “Black Tartan” – Ribbon Recordings 005

“Black Tartan” is the new single to be released by Italian musician Fragmentor. This release is composed by a solid techno Original Mix and a brilliant Remix produced by German maestro Tobias. (Tobias Freund). The prominent, edgy and dark soul of the Original Mix is highlighted in the middle of the track when the acid synth line wisely grows congruently with the other elements, gradually creating great tension and a hypnotic effect in a far from obvious way. Tobias. remakes “Black Tartan” using the elements in a surprising way delivering an elegant, unforgettable mesmerising journey.

Available as digital download

Release Date  14 April 2017


LABEL MIX: Affekt Recordings

….to know a label better, you have to listen to the label, mixed by who runs the label – everything is

about the “label”

Session 2 —> Affekt Recordings mixed by Alex Dolby


PREMIERE: Peter Eilmes “States Of Matter” – SENSOR 002

Co-Founder Peter Eilmes steps up for the second release by this new imprint.
Opening the A side with a more hypnotic mind trip, the EP ‚States of Matter’ turns into sequence driven dance floor tool.
The record is consistent in its rawness and use of massive modulating hats and percussions which manifest the passion to analog gear.
Raw upfront techno trips.

Available as 12“ & digital download

Release Date  27 March 2017


PREMIERE: OTS 44, Oxar Zero, Casual Violence – Cassiopeia A – Aconito Records LTD 008

After a long break Aconito Records is back on Vinyl with a joint release from the two label owners, Andrea and Nicola Ruffino, and a remix from Casual Violence is included in the Ep. Andrea Ruffino aka nAX_Acid is introducing he’s own exclusive Aconito Records project OTS 44, inspired from a rogue planet discovered in 1998, and also introducing his new vision. Nicola Ruffino as well is presenting his new project, Oxar Zero. The vinyl itself includes a track from OTS 44, Cassioeia A, a dark and acid post techno track imprinted on a futuristic vision, acid and atmospheres to create a dark voyage into this supernova. Oxar Zero is on the flip side with a heavier track still acidic and dark, it is possible to feel the fluency of the photon’s waves that the supernova emit. Also Casual Violence on the same side with his own stamp, with a break pulsating remix of Cassiopeia A.

Available on 12″ Vinyl

Release Date 3 April 2017



Uncode delivers an album dedicated to the “woman”

“The debut, concept LP of the young Italian Uncode is all about the greatest love of his life, the most beautiful and sexy, the reasons why, the deus ex machina of all. Her, the woman, the great muse, the most kind and beautiful of the creatures, inspiring a sound beautiful but dangerous,delicate bu strong, trippy, hypnotic, sometimes impossible to comprehend but also impossible to ignore. Her, the music, the reason why and the way trough, the art as it should be loved, inspirer of her selves, made for it’s own sake and adoration, as the ultimate enchant of a cold world. An LP made by sounds born from love and directed to the soul, to the lovers and the adorers of Her.”

Artist: Uncode
Title: Her LP
Format: Digital
Label: Affekt Recordings
Release Date: 08 March 2017

Unequal Records

Unequal Records 004 “Strom” is on the way !

Anselm has teamed up alongside Stock Projects (Bare Hands, Vienna), Irakli (I/Y, Berlin) and Paàl (Voitax, Berlin) for Unequals fourth release. The EP ́s title track has been taken and remixed with significantly different approaches. This has resulted in each track having its specific vibe, ranging from mental deepness to gritty distortions.

Anselm is a DJ and producer from Frankfurt am Main. He has been an active part of the scene since 2012. He achieved residency at Tanzhaus West club and its popular event series VOID in 2014. Two years later he established his own label Unequal, played his first gigs outside of germany and got attention from various respected artists who played his records.

Founded by Anselm in 2015, Unequal Records is an open platform, aiming to express a diverse range of music within the techno genre. Through collectivising different projects, Unequal proposes to create a new approach to techno, in both design and musical diversity. This notion is the embodiment of the record labels identity. It ́s about discovering the undefinable, the peculiar and the obscure and overcoming the expectations of popular trends. Unequal Records is based in Berlin since 2017 so there will be new ways to evolve for the label with some exciting collaborations incoming.

Artist: Anselm
Remixers: Irakli, Paàl, Stock Projects
Title: Strom EP
Label: Unequal Records
Cat. Nr.: UQL004
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: 30 March 2017


PREMIERE: Various Artists – Deepwater Compilation Vol.II [2xCD] OVUNQVE VA002

“Across the European Atlas of seas comes a tonic of wildness and the erratic force of nature; mysterious and unexplorable, unsurveyed and unfathomed. Deepwaters. A touch of warmth from the alpenglow eminates within. Peaks and valleys of this oblivion, desolate, cold and remote. At the base of the crevasse, hydrologic connection. Deepwaters.
“Deepwater Compilation Vol.2”, a compilation featuring Europe’s finest in ambient, experimental and hypnotic techno soundscapes”


Available as 2xCD & digital download.

Release Date 6 March 2017

Insulin 001

Keep an eye on Insulin 001 ‘Civilization Makes Oppression’

‘Civilization Makes Oppression’ is an EP of 4 tracks poignant and ruthless by their sit and sound-design.

All tracks are made by Ether, young producer and resident of the french crew Classic As Fuck, which launches the very first release of the label Insulin.

’8′ is a collaboration with Draugr bringing a savage and industrial touch on this EP.
Radial aka Jeroen Liebriegts takes also part on this EP with a great remix : soft vibes and proper beats for delicate ears.

The first of a new story, keep an eye on Insulin, things have just started.

Insulin – Oppressing loops for deppressed minds.
Agonizing sounds for suffocating bodies.

Artist: Ether
Remixes: Radial
Title: Civilization Makes Oppression
Format: 12” VINYL
Label: Insulin
Catalogue: INSL001
Release Date: 30 January 2017
Distribution: 712 Distribution – Berlin